All Balls

All Balls

March On

Wheatie aka 'Pops' and Annabelle have a very special bond. They are both my March 11th Birthday babies. Miles and years apart - these two know how to party!! 

                                                               Annabelle turns 8

Pops turn um, ............older
at the Live Oak with The Gibbonses
And Blue Water Highway
Shane and Cheri joined us 

Our annual spring break to Maryland - had to be postponed by a day due to SNOW!!!

A little St Patty Day celebration......

AB at her cheer competition.....
Winners Winners chicken dinners !!

Mardi Gras

Each year around Chad and Jaycee's birthdays we get together to celebrate. This year we had a good friend invite us to stay at her rental home in Galveston. It was the first weekend of Mardi Gras and it was a blast.....the real party doesn't start till this next weekend....but we had a great time.

A quaint house built in the 1920's. Totally flipped and it was GREAT !!

The parade - Pops and Cody catching beads
The Art Car Parade
Chewbaca the car

The festival on the Strand

Balconies and bead throwing

A walk on the beach

This is what 14years of age looks like

Major good seafood


Last spring Wheatie and I lost our hot tub and pool to a typical Texas storm. Insurance paid us for the damage and we opted not to replace the pool and to upgrade the hot tub. What a wonderful decision....
Wheatie has been working really hard - all by himself and did an UH-AMAZING job.....last night the hot tub was christened.

Paving the way for a new foundation

5 seater
A cold drink and hot tub..........