All Balls

All Balls

Fall time in Maryland

just starting to turn

Jaxson last fall ball game !!

Creekside Winery

Football - always football

Pumpkins in the house (and out)

Lyle Lovett and His Very Large Band

I can cross this off my bucket list ! There is no other venue to hear music than the Bass Hall in Fort Worth,Tx.

To hear Lyle Lovett was breath taking. He did not disappoint.

Gulf Shores, AL

FAMILY TIME ! MY favorite time in the whole world !! Got to spend some amazing time with the fam at Gulf Shores, AL. Altho tropical storm Cindy tried to ruin it, she did not. We made the best of and it was so fun ......

Over 1400 miles - worth every mile....

Tropical Storm Cindy - dampen our spirits but we made the best of it....

Beach time

Games and food - a must......

Cody's 12th birthday

It wouldn't be vacation without family photos....
love these faces !!

Front Yard

Every year we gather with our friends for the three horse races. The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness and The Belmont. We share the race drink, The Mint Julep, The Brown-eyed Susan and the Belmont Bell. ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD - we play croquet, in the front yard (of a very nice neighborhood) We get lots of honks, stares and looks from passer-byers. BUT.WE.DON'T. CARE...we play in the front yard, drinking our drinks and it is AWESOME !!!

Till next year......