All Balls

All Balls

HiGh FiVe FoR FRiDay.....

WOW....Friday just doesn't roll around quick enough. I was even off work Monday - a 4 day work week, but it feels like more. We visited my oldest son, Chad and family this past weekend. It was a busy, but fun weekend.

First thing Saturday morning, was goat feeding time.
Harley and Charley (dont know which is which, don't think they do either)
They are pretty cute .....

We celebrated Jaycee's birthday (my oldest grandaughter). She turned 9 annd wanted to celebrate with a CUPCAKE theme party...I was all in for that.......

Played games......even Betty (Gram's dog) joined in on the fun

Opended presents...
I say - all in all- it was a great party !!

Sunday was a very special day.
Cody was baptized and he could not have been more excited.
We were blessed to be there and share in this very special time with him.
Pops and I got him a Bible - with his name engraved on it.
Love you Cody-man !!

We left on Monday and decided to swing by Lockhart, Texas and try some of the "famous" bar-b-q at KRUEZ....a long standing tradition..
In is a staple. There is good bar-b-q and not so good. I am big fan of ribs (preferably pork) and sliced beef. I have eaten alot of both from many, many places.
This would not be on my list to re-visit. The prices were a little steep and I wasn't impressed with the taste.
But, at least we can - we've been there....

Happy Friday (and Texas Indepedence Day) !!

Pinning, Pinning, Pinning....

Again, I copied from one of my reading blogs. When did I ever time to do anything else. I have found soooooooooo many things I pinned, repinned, like, wanna do.....just not enough time in the day....

These are just a few of what I have discovered TODAY:

This family, well the girl part of the family,are cupcake eating fools.
hamburger cupcakes...i die.
We discovered HEY CUPCAKE, Austin, Texas and now everywhere I go or look, if it has a cupcake on it - I buy it. Either for me, my daughter-in-laws or grandaughters.
Are these not the cutest.....must do.
Repinned onto My stuff from (Oh Cupcakes) of this tattoo : "I got these a couple months ago for my parents who passed away when I was in high school. Its exact copies of their handwriting from birthday cards. I absolutely love them." -unknown
I am not a fan of tatoos by any means. Don't have one, don't want one. Not thrilled when I see people covered in them.  But these, these are cool. Her parents true handwriting (taken from birthday cards she recieved)
What a tribute to her parents!!

I love baseball and I love the whole meaning of this. 
Baseball Cross: Everyone commits ERRORS, but His SACRIFICE will get you HOME! I want one of these!
Baseball Cross: Everyone commits ERRORS,
but His SACRIFICE will get you HOME!  
Repinned onto My stuff from

Pink for Spring I love pink/black or pink and brown. Love this combo!
Repinned onto My stuff from

And with Easter early this year...I will be heading to Hobby Lobby and do this, this weekend cute is this???

Spring Grass Wreath
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I could go on forever with PINTEREST. If you haven't discovered it - go - seek - get caught up in the madness!!

HaPpY BiRtHdaY Jaycee...

Today is my oldest grandaughters birthday..She turns 9! Amazing how quickly time passes. I was so fortunate to spend the weekend with her (and the rest of the family).

My Jaycee
Jaycee is like a special book
For a person of some age
Like reading a beautiful story
Each time Pops and I turn the page
There's mystery and excitement
As the story begins to unfold
Sometimes laughter, sometimes tears
Then joy, as the story is told
Jaycee you bring back special memories ...
Times we lovingly recall
All the happy times we had
When your dad was very small
But above all this, there is a peace
And a deep contentment within
Knowing that a part of me
Will go on without an end

I just want to let you know
How much you mean to us
I know that I am truly blessed
With a special family
Boo and Pops

Have a great day Jaycee!!