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All Balls

Junk Gypsy.....

I have often wondered what makes us who we are. I know that most if not all of who I am and what I think came from my amazing grandmother. She was a owner of a dress shop in a very "high end" part of the city. She had clients like Mary Martin (Peter Pan). She 'dressed' some of the most important people of the great city. She taught me to be me. Not to be something I am not and not to be like everyone else.She taught me many things and to this day...she still talks to me when I dress. In my head I hear...(for the love of God) DO NOT tuck your shirt tail in unless you have a belt and don't have a "muffin" top. Don't go out before combing your hair and putting on lipstick. Remember to always say "yes ma'am" and  "no ma'am" and "please and thank you" and yes that WOULD BE LOVELY....

Thank you Mimmie - I love you sooooooooooooo much !

I am not a "foo-foo" girl. Not into lots of make-up or fancy hair do's. Didn't wear bows in my hair when I was little. I have 3 brothers, so I was more of a "tom boy". Was never a cheerleader or ran with "the popular girls". Not into competing with the latest fashions or "what's in".
I like simple. I like real. I like to be "me". I want my house to be a place where everyone is comfortable, they want to come visit and aren't afraid to put their feet on the couch.
In searching for the "me" term and reading many blogs..I came across the term "junk gypsy". I love Miranda Lambert and her style. Just didn't know what that style was. Maybe her style has been around for awhile and I just wasn't aware...but I think it might be me too.

I ordered several items from the Texas Gypsyville. They came in the mail yesterday and OMG - I am in LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..

Check these sites out......and for those of you that know me....what do you think, is this me???