All Balls

All Balls
Photobucket Yep - it has rolled around again...YAY !

Got my Lisa Leonard Designs turqouise stone necklace !!
It is BEEEEEEE U TEEEEE FUL and I was so excited to wear it to work. I got so many compliments…it will go with everything from that little black dress to jeans and a white tee. If you haven’t checked out her blog or it today !!

Found these adorable little flats at Target.

Decided to try the GEL nails....pretty cool !

On my dieting – no wait – making better choices lifestyle. I am down 22lbs and FINALLY someone mentioned it. I have been waiting for someone besides my husband to say something (don’t really think he “notices” – just knows it is the thing to do!) Funny, first they both asked, "You cut your hair?" UH, 6 weeks ago. "Hmmm, something different about you." You losing weight?" DUHHHHHHHHHHH -hello........
That little bit of encouragement goes a loooooong way to staying on track. Thank you Paula and Phil  !!!!!

 I booked flights for Maryland for myself, hubby, Chad and fam. Will be visiting Corey and fam and bringing in the new year ALL TOGETHER. That means I will be with all my kids and grand angels.
This is one excited BOO !

Happy Friday Ya’ll

Rural Thursday Blog Hop

Sooooooooooo...we live in the country. 28 years ago when we moved there we REALLY lived in the country. Now, slowly the city (and it's people) are coming to us. Couple more years - and there will be no more country around me. Sad, but then again in a couple more years - I plan to move away - far away - from the city folks. Sorry - I'm a country girl.

            I have 3 furbabies 
and I think because of all the "city folks" and the things they have brought with them...noise, people,general pains in the A$$ furbabies are hearing and seeing things they have never heard before. Over the last several months - all 3 of them - have gotten into this TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE habit of constantly wanting in and out - in and out all night long. The problem is, "their" yard is right outside our bedroom as is the door to get there. I am really tired. I need my sleep - at least more than a couple hours at a time. It is like having a human baby all over again, up and down, in and out, bark, whine, scratch....
 Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Besides the city folks and all that they have brought, this is the other reason they continually want in and out.

This is Rebel, our one last remaining horse. He loves to stand at the fence right next to their yard....he is such a tease. He stands there, eating and enjoying life, while the furbabies go nutso barking at him. I think - no I am pretty sure - he does it on purpose.

Rural life can be so exhausting......but I wouldn't have it any other way!
Mrs. Monologues
Linking up today with a new fav blog...come join the fun!

No specfiic topic, just write about you and make some new friends

1. I love my family. They mean the world to me. I think about them everyday!

I sent Olympics LONGHORN T-SHIRTS to everyone (because everyone lives far away)
I had to buy them online so judging sizes was a little weird. This is my youngst her shirt. It was the smallest they had - but still too big - so Mom did a "re-make" ADORABLE isn't it?

2. I love wine...and tho it is empty's soothes the savage beast in me....

3. I love sunsets. We live in the COUNTRY and I have yet to see a bad one.

5. I love rain (and right now - I would love alot of it!)

6. I love blogging, and all the amazing wonderful new friends I have made. I blog just to blog, I haven't really gotten down all the lingo...buttons, link-ups, sponsors, giveaways...but I'm trying and appreciate all the help !

 Happy Tuesday Ya'll !