All Balls

All Balls
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1.     This has been a quiet, very uneventful week. Hubby was out of town most of the week – so it has just been me and my puppy girls.  


2.    Love this (outside my office window)….it is so relaxing watching the birds!

3.    Caught up on all my shows that I had recorded… DallasLogo.jpg...... Mad-men-title-card.jpg

Drop Dead Diva intertitle.png 
JUNK GYPSY  Jolie Sikes-Smith and Amie Sikes of The Junk Gypsies 
and of course, watched MY TEXAS RANGERS! Texas Rangers

4.    Found this little item at my local CVS!! Can’t wait to give it a taste

5.     Four day work week (again) – looking forward to a long weekend with family down in south Texas. All my grand angels will be with me…..good times to come…..

Have a great FRIDAY ya’ll

Lovely Little Things
Today I am linking up with Jessica over at She is so cute and I love her blog. Come join us, don't forget to stop and SMELL THE ROSES. This week, Jessica is asking "What has blogging done for you?"
here goes nuttin, honey...

I have only been blogging about 18mos. I am still fascinated by new blogs that I find everyday. My inspiration for becoming "one of those bloggers" was my youngest son. He has been blogging FOREVERRRRR and I read his blog everyday. He now lives in another state, so his blogs are very important to me. Sometimes it is how I find what they are up to (hint, your mother MORE) He has the "gift of gab" as my mother always said. The boy can write the words and I LOVE IT. Go read his blog and you will see why.

Now, I am not EVEN close to having all the buttons, the sponsors, the
giveaways and so on and so on. I still don't even understand how to do all that. I do most of my bloggin' at work (shhhh) so I am limited as to what my computer will do before I get one of those messages "NOT ALLOWED". Basically my blog is for my thoughts. It's what I have done, what I am gonna do, what I would like to do. It include things about my husband (I just love him) my two boys/their families (a mommas pride and joy) and of course, who could not include her 4 fabulous GRAND ANGELS...(grand kids).

I think blogging is a great way to gain knowledge and know how. I have learned about so many things, explored new places, found how alot of "how-to's", gotten some great party/gift ideas. I have meet some very interesting people along the way, people I may never meet face to face, but feel like they are my BFF's.

I guess you could say blogging is therapeutic for me. Sometimes when I start to blog about something, I realize I may be inserting my foot to my mouth and I stop.

I love when people stop by and leave me a message, I love when I get a new fellow blogger to "follow" me. Makes me feel special.

Blogging is a good thing.....

So, join with us and tell us "What has blogging done for you?"

Happy Monday !!

Happy Dad's Day

I have three of the most amazing men in my life. My husband - a top notch dad. He still amazes me in his ways. He was the best dad to my two (the other men in my life) boys. He taught them "stuff", he showed them "things", he listened, he disciplined, he got mad, he got happy, he was proud, he was disappointed, he worried (still does), he laughed, he cried,......he was the BESTEST dad in the whole world. Thank you honey, for a job well done!

My boys....the words can not express how so very proud of them I am. They have become such wonderful men, husbands and DADS. They have beautiful wives and those grand angels that have blessed me with- OH MY GOSH - I could eat them with a spoon.

Happy Dad's Day to my three AMAZING, LOVING, men....
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you all!!