All Balls

All Balls
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1.     This has been a quiet, very uneventful week. Hubby was out of town most of the week – so it has just been me and my puppy girls.  


2.    Love this (outside my office window)….it is so relaxing watching the birds!

3.    Caught up on all my shows that I had recorded… DallasLogo.jpg...... Mad-men-title-card.jpg

Drop Dead Diva intertitle.png 
JUNK GYPSY  Jolie Sikes-Smith and Amie Sikes of The Junk Gypsies 
and of course, watched MY TEXAS RANGERS! Texas Rangers

4.    Found this little item at my local CVS!! Can’t wait to give it a taste

5.     Four day work week (again) – looking forward to a long weekend with family down in south Texas. All my grand angels will be with me…..good times to come…..

Have a great FRIDAY ya’ll

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