All Balls

All Balls

Not much of a week - boring, same ole same.


work - I am growing so tired of it. I could have retired this past August - and I think in the back of my head I keep asking myself "Why, are you still here?" - haven't found an answer yet.

I don't get a 3-day weekend. Why is it we get a holiday for MLK but not President's Day? Aren't the Presidents - past and future - just as important as MLK?? Don't get it......

I ate way off my normal eating yesterday and today feel like CRAP!!


Last weekend with my Wheatie was wonderful! I love that man...

Today is Friday - and I have NOTHING that I have to do tonight - and so I am going to do NUTTIN, honey.

Haircut tomorrow - much needed and it always makes me feel "so pretty"

I get to sleep past 5AM tomorrow - (watch I will probably wake up anyway!)

How was your week??


This past weekend, Wheatie and I went to the Beaumont Ranch for a pre-Valentine get-away. This is a true working ranch, with a little flair. We visited here couple years ago and did their chuck wagon dinner. This time (thanks to GROUPON) we stayed the night. Part of the ranch has been transformed into an old western town, complete with a blacksmith shop, a general store, church and they are in the process of adding even more. They have zip-lining, horseback riding, fishing, and much more. You can visit their website here .
Each of the rooms are individual buildings and each has their own special name. We stayed in the PHEASANT ROOM. It was beautiful. My groupon was called the "Rose Petal" package. Included was  the room, dinner and breakfast, bottle of wine or champagne, variety of fruit and YUM-YUM - chocolate covered strawberries!! The dinner (bar-b-q) and breakfast are offered in the LONESTAR barn and the food - both meals were served buffett style and very good. Saturday night there was a band, so a little two stepping was in order.

Other than a storm that blew thru and kept us awake until the WEEEEEEE hours of the morning, it was a great weekend and no better way to spend it than with my Wheatie!!
GONE, GONE, GONE.........

I hit another milestone this week.....40LBS !!! I have increased my water intake and I think this is helping. For me, this is big...because I don't like water. That simple. Soooooooooooooo - I knew I needed a plan. This is my plan..
I went to the store, bought the LARGE bottle, 64ozs., of Gatorade  ($2.00) and gave the Gatorade to my boss. They say you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I fill the bottle up with water at the beginning of the day - I add Dasani flavoring (it has no aspertame, no sodium, no calories, NO NOTHING, except great flavor...) and drink away. I have been drinking one bottle before lunch and one bottle after......128ozs of water a day!! Good for the body !!

I also have a bottle at the house - that I do the same thing with on the weekends. This is saving me money. First - I have stopped going by the Sonic and getting my usual 44oz Coke Zero on my way to work. Then, because I can refill my bottle, I am no longer buying bottled water. On average, I am saving about $20 a week.....and I am putting that in a safe place for vacation, a new outfit, a spa day or whatever I decide to use it for.

In making lifestyle healthy changes - you gotta get creative. Obviously drinking water has helped pushed the envelope on my weight lost. I hadn't lost any in about 2 weeks, and then last week - 2lbs - and I think it was due to the increase in the water (plus I have to get up and walk to the restroom more often - exercise)

Think of ways that you can be creative in making healthy, lifestyle changes to a better you.