All Balls

All Balls

Today I am linking up
telling me HAPPIES and me CRAPPIES.....
Happies and Crappies Friday Link Up

I started back to work this week - after 3 months off for back surgery.

It was good to see everyone

Getting back to blogging - haven't had much to blog about

Nice to wear REAL clothes, instead of the same ole same ole (shorts and t-shirts)

So glad to not be looking at 4 walls and TV

Getting back into a routine - walking

Sleeping like a baby ^^^^ 10,000 steps  and more, everyday (so far)  this week

Football season has STARTED !!


I started back to work this week

I miss my mid-afternoon nap - 8 hours is a long time to sit behind a desk

I miss the Steve Harvey and ellen show - love them - time to DVR

Miss my 2 furbabies, Sam and Cappy - we became very attached over the last 3 months
(there were 3 - but we lost out Solo girl to a snake bite this summer)

Gaining back 10 lbs

Now that I am finally feeling almost back to normal - I had to return to work

What were your HAPPIES and CRAPPIES this week?