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All Balls

Diamonds Are a GIRLS best friend

I recently discovered the Diamond Candles see them here. Besides the fact that they are soy candles - each candle has a surprise in it - A diamond ring!! How cool is that? The ring is incased in the candle and of course you have to burn it long enough to get to it!!

I bought one, Cinnamon Roll, and couldn't wait to light that baby up.

It smells AWESOME......and I wanted it to burn down to that Diamond Ring !!

Last I finally had burned it enough to get my ring out!! It is a silver ring with a large green stone (I think they call them Citrines) and 2 small DIAMONDS on each side. I haven't had it appraised...but it sure looks like the real deal....
And it FIT!!!....I can't wait to order another.......and Christmas and Birthday and Mom's Day and just because days.....OH YEAH !!