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Mother's Day

Decided to look back at my post for mother's day and put a few together.....

As a tribute to mother's day - I would like to say THANKS to my boys for making me a very proud mom. I was blessed with two of the most amazing son's. I am so proud of them. They have turned out to be the best of the best.  I love you guys very, very much!!
Mother of Boys
 Shoes in the kitchen, jeans on the floor
Basketballs lying at the back door
Living room carpet shows signs of wear
The fridge and the cupboards are constantly bare.

The toilet seat's up, it's stuck that way
The sports on TV blare all day
Racetracks, footballs, all kinds of toys
How did you guess, I'm the mother of boys.

...Author Unknown
This is one proud MOMMA – and my two boys are the reason for it. It’s great to be a Mom on Mother’s Day to two of the most amazing son’s in the WORLD. So, MY mother’s day I want to thank my son’s.
My boys are AWESOME! They have grown to be amazing men. They are smart, kind, loving, hard working, fun, funny, caring, thoughtful, good looking, loyal, supportive,  AND awesome dad’s to MY four grand angels. 
I am PROUD to call them mine.
Thanks guys! Happy Mother’s Day !!
I need to send love my mom. Even though she is no longer with me (and I miss her terribly) - she was a fantastic mom. She was a single mom at a very young age (my dad passed away) and raised 4 children all by herself. She worked hard, taught us greats values and was a loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

 To my grandmother - Mimmie -. She too was an amazing women. A business owner and mother. She was a single mom, owned and ran her own business for many years and did a great job on raising my mom. The values began there and have carried own through the years. I

 To my mother-in-law - Alene/Mammaw. She was a great mom and did a wonderful job on raising my husband and his sister. She was a hard worker (telephone company) a great wife, a loving mom and grandmother. She was a blessing in our life's and in the life's of her grand BOYS (5) We miss her everyday.
Happy Mother's Day to all !!


Our latest foster furbaby....tomorrow will be taking him to the adoption event and hoping he finds his FUREVER home....he is priceless. Such a personality