All Balls

All Balls

As most of you know, if you read my blog or are lucky enough to be in my "circle"...hahahaha - I work with police officers. I am in my 25th year and I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it. I have seen many come and go. I have seen tragedy, been a part of it and I always have to shake my head in amazement at what my brothers and sisters in blue do everyday for each and every one of us.

In 2005, a very, very good police friend, a brother in blue, was killed in the line of duty. He was part of a zero tolerance fugutive squad serving a warrant. He entered the suspects house, after being told my a female occupant, that the suspect they were looking for was not there. She gave them permission to search. As he entered a bedroom and opened a closet door, the suspect shot him in the head. He died 2 days later. My heart still aches. He was an amazing police officer, a father, a brother, a son, a husband and about the nicest guy anyone could ask for as a friend.

Two days ago, 3 officers were in a business speaking with the owner. The business is on the border of the two cities, but they were there just being friendly. A suspect had been stopped by the other city PD on a narcotic investigation. The suspect ran from the scene and into the business where the three officers were. When they were informed of the suspect, they immediately gave assistance to the officers in pursuit. The suspect ran through the business, one officer - a 21 year veteran - on his heels. When the two exited the back of the business, the suspect shot the officer three times. Once in the hand, the hip and the eye. The officer, even with his injuries, was able to shoot the suspect, dead center in his chest. The suspect died. The officer survived with serious, critical injuries. He was rushed to the hospital, underwent surgery to remove a bullet lodged in his hip and his eye. He will lose a finger, and possibly one eye. He will probably never return to his duties. In an instant, these lives, along with many others, are forever changed.

If you see an officer, if you think he is only around to  make your life miserable...think again. They are here to protect and serve and will lay down their lives to do it.

Buy them a meal, shake their hand, or simply say thank you. Tomorrow - your life and theirs could be forever changed.
Good Eats...

Here I am on a lifestyle change to eat better and what do Wheatie and I do - we eat OUT all weekend. But all in all, I did really well. (down .8 for a grand total of 38lbs)

We have lived in the Parker County area for 30 years. Five miles (as the crow flies) is a place called David's Stove Shop. Up until this past weekend, I have never stopped foot in there. Didn't really have a reason - didn't think I need a stove top.
LOW AND is a haven of shopping and my new best friend. Wheatie and I read about a new "eatin" place inside called "The Shed" and on Saturday, decided to give it a try. was AWESOME !!

This is their story: "Our mission at the Shed - Texas Kitchen and Bakery is to provide the Parker County area with a unique mix of artisan breads, small batch bakery items and a Texas flavored lunch menu that tempts the taste buds and satisfies even discriminating palates. Located within the landmark shopping setting of David's Stove Shop, we aim to provide our customers with an unexpected, casual dining discovery. Focusing on house prepared meats, breads, fresh produce, high quality products and attention to detail, you'll be able to taste the difference in store bought and what comes out of our ovens and smoker. It's all prepared daily which means when it's gone we're out for the day but we'll have more tomorrow. The menu will change with the season to best capture the flavor of whats available and quite honestly, what we're hungry for! Community, comfort and quality, it's what we're all about. Please keep in mind that your order is prepared from scratch in a very small kitchen. We try very hard to get your meal to you as fast as possible, but we are not fast food..we are uncomprising good food!"

.....I could not have put it any better. They have been at the stove shop a little over a year. Only open for lunch Tuesday - Saturday. Jeff is the cook, baker and friendlist face you will see. The staff was remarkable and believe me - the food was everything they state and MORE!!

Turkey and Avocado Sandwich for me
Pulled Pork Sandwich for Wheatie

A chocolate cupcake with strawberry filling !!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww - haaaaaa
Sunday afternoon we rode on over the Lightcatcher Winery to enjoy some great food, wine and a little bit of toe tapping music. We were not disappointed!!

Lime marinated chicken on top of jalapeno grits for me

Shaved ribeye "sammy" for Wheatie