All Balls

All Balls

Miss Willow

My number 11 foster furbaby. She came to us with the name VIDA - not sure what the shelter was thinking - but that name did not sit well with me. I started looking at names - and WILLOW hit me like a red headed step child. It fit her well....

She was a cutie. So loving and funny. She tried her best to play with Sam and Cappy - they would have nothing to do with her. But Peanut, he jumped in with all fours.

Willow has found her FUREVER home with Ashley and Will in Missouri. Ashley is the daughter of our very good friends. I knew it was meant to be.

Even a 650 miles, round trip - couldn't stop us.

This girl LOVED her ball - took it with her everywhere

 Sam wouldn't play with her, but they napped together

 Willow's mom - Ashley

Willow in her new home

 It was a very long trip !!

Lions, tigers and bears, OH MY !!

Wheatie and I made it out to the BEASTRO at the Fort Worth Zoo. It is an annual event, where 50 plus restaurants come together to show off their goodies. The event is held inside the zoo. The animals are out (at least some of them) and you are get to sample food from each of the restaurants. All the food and drink you can mustard.

I am still full. It was fun and I started off trying to take pictures, but then decided it was to hard to juggle my food, drink my beer (you could also get wine) walk and talk at the same time.
It was fun and I look forward to next year !!