All Balls

All Balls

This weekend - I worked my A$$ off.....Geeezzz louise.....
first I thought this working in the yard thing was over - should have been in August. We have been blessed with much needed rain the past several weeks, which means my yard still needs mowing and weed-eating. Wheatie had to work all weekend, so I took on the duty of yard work......then I cleaned out the camper - and it is show room ready clean !!

This weekend I bought another Vera Bradley item....I don't know what has gotten into me...but I suddenly am in love with everything and anything Vera Bradley. We were in Maryland last week and I was forced to shop at the Vera Bradley Outlet store.....and found a small duffell bag, perfect for travel in the Plum Petal Design. Apparently this is last years color - but I love it!  It is my birthday month - so in addition to the already discount outlet price - I got an extra $ 20.....WOOHOO..... then this past weekend I went shopping at Stein Mart and found this purse in the same design. I absoutely love the has everything this girl could want!! They were so kind to send me a discount for being a new I must go shopping !

This weekend, I watched my LONGHORNS go down hard.....sorry guys - but you sucked  BIG TIME......maybe, just maybe - it is time for a new coach....Also, the Dallas Cowboys came up a little short...tough sports weekend in Texas.

This weekend, I made turkey meatloaf muffins. I am attempting to eat healthier and better and by putting the meat mixture and cooking in a muffin tin - I can control the portion size and they are super dooper easy to freeze.
 3 lbs. ground turkey, 2 envelopes onion soup mix, a large can of mixed vegetables, salt/pepper. Mix really good, and fill tins up to top. Made a hole in the center of each muffin and filled with ketchup! So simply, so good for you !! (this is not a pic of my loafs, I forgot to take pics)

This weekend, I got to watch (not recorded) REVENGE....I love that show...and am so glad it is back.
Revenge titlecard.png

Here is hoping your weekend was filled with family, friends and love !!