All Balls

All Balls


I know, I have the softest heart when it comes to furbabies. If I could afford it - I would as many as humanly possible. I got sucked in AGAIN....

One of our local radio stations does a "pet of the week". My little Cappy girl came from the same place several years ago. Welllllllllll, 2 weeks ago, the radio station (95.9 The Ranch) had the pet of the week "Hagen". A 2 1/2 year Chihuahua mix male dog.

His story went as followed:

He belonged to an elderly lady. When she died, her son took the dog. However he kept him chained up, outside. At some point, he kicked the dog (Hagen weighs a big 14lbs) and broke his back leg. He, of course, did not take him to the vet for medical attention. He doesn't have use of that back leg now. On top of that, being outside all the time and being that he has a sleek coat, he apparently was covered in fleas, bugs, sunburns and only God knows what else and has scars to prove it.
The girlfriend of the abuser turned him in to authorities. It is my understanding he is now serving jail time (YEAH). Hagen was placed in a local shelter last March. He remained there during his recovery time. He now has a FUREVER home....MINE! He never ever has to worry about being abused or neglected EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Needless to say, I would like just 5 minutes with that young man that mistreated Hagen. No animal deserves to be mistreated, as does not a human being.

Hagen is the sweetest, loving little dog. He just wants to sit with you and have you love him. His disability does not slow him down one beat. He runs and plays in the yard with Sam and Cappy, Jumps on the furniture, goes right thru the doggie door and never wimpers.
Wheatie was not thrilled at all when I broke the news of the latest addition to the family. Now, Wheatie can't imagine a day without him.

I told myself when I heard his story on the radio station, that I would give it a week and if no one else adopted him - he was mine!!

 I made sure he would be a welcome addition in our house!

Happy and safe

Cappy is one of his big sisters

comfy at home....

Loves to be near Sam

just chillin !!

who wouldn't love that face

Happy life Hagen !

Wailing Wall

Couple weeks ago - a co worker of mine was headed to Jerusalem for vacation. She ask several of us if we would like for her to put a prayer on the Wailing Wall.

When I sat down to write my prayer out (on a very tiny piece of paper) I thought long and hard about what I wanted to put down in writing. Not sure if it is like telling what you wished for - so I won't go into detail.

First and foremost on the list were my kiddos and grandangels. I always want the very best for them and I know God can provide that. I listed my husband, my siblings, my in-laws, outlaws. friends and enemies. I included world peace and an end to all the fighting. There were so many things and such an opportunity I did not want to pass up. I was amazed how much I got on that post-it-note !!

She sent me this picture after she placed the prayers on the wall....must say it took my breath away !!

(not the best picture)