All Balls

All Balls

WELCOME FRIENDS, and thanks for stopping by!  I'm so glad your here,...just in time for this week's It's OK Thursdays link-up, with Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup.

 Its Ok Thursdays
It’s O.K.
That I am in a really bad mood today – and I have no idea why
That I have a “girl’s night out planned” and wish I didn’t have to go
That I didn’t get any exercise in before work
 – perhaps the reason for my bad mood ?
That it doesn’t look like my scale is cooperating with me this week – no loss
(oh yeah - must be I am "building muscle' ?!?!?!)
That I can’t stop looking for boots – love them
That I can’t stop buying Vera Bradley – at least “most” of it was on sale…..
That I am looking forward to this weekend… special plans – it’s just the weekend
That I love getting in my bed at night with the electric blanket already on
That I hate getting out of my bed in the morning where the electric blanket has been on
That today isn’t Friday – already !!
How’s your Thursday?

Linking up today....

Myself and Wheatie had a GREAT weekend. We went to Austin for probably our last football tailgate  of the year. Chad, Jaycee and Cody joined us. It was an early game, so the participants were not all there – but none the less. A GREAT TIME.
Jaycee and Cody heading to the game!

 We left the tailgate and headed over  to Double Dave’s to eat some really good pizza and watch the game.  The kids had a blast !

Cody cracks me up ! Love this boy !!

My beautiful Jaycee!!

After the TEXAS LONGHORN WIN...we, of course, have to go to the Co-Op for a little shopping.

Checked in the hotel. We stayed at the EMBASSY SUITES and I was impressed! This is a super nice hotel.  Of course first thing was to head to the pool. Fun Fun Fun !! These kids love the water – and went non-stop. Had to be dragged out.

The hotel offers a complimentary “HAPPY HOUR”. They had popcorn, chips, salsa, hummus, soda drinks and adult beverages.
After “snacking” we headed back up to the room for some relaxation. It was a long day so we decided to “dine-in”. Jaycee ordered the TRIPLE DECKER grilled cheese, fries and ice cream.
Cody opted for the TRIPLE DECKER PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY, also with fries and ice cream.
The big boys chose the hamburgers. The food was great – and for in-house eating – very reasonably priced.

Before hitting the sack, we had a little fun with GLOW IN THE DARK specs and skull heads.

We all hit the bed pretty early. Of course, early to bed – early to rise. The kids were up and at it by 630am. So Wheatie, myself and the kiddos headed downstairs to the complimentary breakfast. Now I am talking BREAKFAST – cooked to order eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast, cereal, muffins, danishes, yogurt, fresh fruit, coffee,  and juices of all kind! Back to the room for a little TV. Packed up and headed out.

I love my grand angels and I love spending time with them. It was a great weekend…..