All Balls

All Balls
PuT mE iN CoACh !!

It’s that time of year again – BASEBALL – I LOVE BASEBALL (actually you know I love ALL sports) – but I really, really love baseball. I love the Texas Rangers and today is their home opener.
We lost a few good players….some of those players that are no longer privileged to call TEXAS their home, have made remarks about how the metroplex area is not a BASEBALL team, wait…what???  (no names please, JOSH HAMILTON)
A 15yoa avid fan and his brother started a facebook, twitter, t-shirt  campaign, as soon as JH made his statement. He calls it
“Silence 4 Josh.” 
 JH made the statement that when his current teams comes to OUR HOUSE today - REAL baseball fans will cheer him, while most of the Ranger fans will “boo” him, because WE ARE NOT REAL BASEBALL FANS. Excuse me, sir….baseball has been in the metroplex area since 1972……
I won’t be at the game on Friday – when the LA Angels and JH come to play in our yard.  I will definitely be there in spirit, tho!!  I will be watching and listening via the internet. I support the campaign of SILENCE….let’s hope it works.
Some say it is bad sportsmanship…..I don’t think so. We are defending our team, our fans, OUR HOUSE.
“Don’t Mess with Texas”.
Here we go Rangers, Here we go!!!

It's HUMP Day....

Ever have one of those days, when even the wind blowing gets to you. Welllllllllllllll - I have had one of those weeks. Every little thing seems to be annoying me - and I know you are dying to here what they are....

1.  SABOTAGERS - Anyone, that is really a friend, family or co-worker who truly knows me...sees me EVERYDAY, talks to me on the phone, plays WWF, text or emails me - knows I have been in the process of LOSING WEIGHT....why, oh why - do they bring candy, donuts/bagels to the office, asked me out to lunch - for pizza.......

2. DRIVERS - others (not me, silly) - but MOSTLY WOMEN. They are the worst. I can bet you anytime someone is swerving, not paying attention to the green light, exiting or entering a highway, speeding, going too slow - it is a woman driver. GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS....put down the make-up, hang up the phone and DRIVE!!!!!

3. GAS PRICES - seriously? It is out of control and I don't think it has to be that way. On our recent trip down south, we saw gas as low as $3.40 a gallon. Yesterday, I saw gas - here - at $3.69? Someone, somewhere has got us over a barrel......HA

4. BURNT POPCORN - my co-workers seem to have a problem with popping popcorn in the microwave. One of the ladies burned a bag so bad yesterday, we had to open every door we could and walk outside to BREATH. Read the directions, stand watch, don't burn.....PLEASE (I can still smell it this morning, (UGH)

5. REALITY SHOWS - are they really, REAL? I'm not sure. Don't really say I "watch" any. You can't get away from them, because they are constantly showing them on all the commercials. Now when I am "surfing".....I have stopped and watched for a few minutes. There are just so many I am finding it hard to believe they are real. People can not be that stupid, that strong, that lame, that, that, that, that.....

Thanks for allowing me to rant......I know you all have your "little quirks" out there...go ahead - shout it out - you will feel better!!

Celebrating the Resurrection

Wheatie and I went to sunrise services on Easter and we were blessed. The weather a little cool, could not have been more perfect to sit, hearing the word of God from Pastor J and watch the sun come up. Pastor J spoke of how things are "good" but things can always be better. I once heard a sermon where the minister said to remember the word PUSH....pray until something happens. WOW.....good, better, great, push, Prayer.....

I watched the mini series The Bible on Sunday. I thought it was amazing and I learned so much. As I watched, I thought of Pastor J's words at the sunrise service. In each of the series, where Jesus's followers, disciples and the believers "prayed"....they prayed for the good, the better, the great..... they prayed until something happened. LIGHT BULB!! It is good, but it can be great.

The last couple of months have presented some trying times for me. I have done a lot of praying, but it wasn't until Sunday that I finally understood to PUSH, to not only pray for the good, the better, the great. Pray until something happens.