All Balls

All Balls

Summer time FUN !!

Two of my grand angels are spending the week with us. So far, we have been very busy...

Fort Worth Cats game, puzzles, movies, Wii, Children's museum, "Katy Perry - Part of me", McDonalds, swimming, park,

Still have the IMAX Dinosaur movie, ICE AGE and SPIDERMAN, Six Flags, Pump it Up.....WHEWWWW....I need a vacation! Love these guys!!!
Fort Worth Cats Game
with Uncle Bill, Cara and Cayla
Cody loved the game..upclose and personal
Getting ready to run the bases after a Cats win!

Puzzle time

Jaycee has it pretty tough

Just Dance
Jaycee wanted "curls" - so we did it the old fashion way...with real curlers

Ta Da...she loves it !

It's curly alright

Off to more fun today........