All Balls

All Balls

I think I can, I think I can......

I have been inside this house for 3 DAYS! I have cleaned, cooked, done laundry, watched TV, played with the dogs, rescued a cat, rode my stationery bicycle, talked on the phone, played WWF, and then..started over and did it again.
So today, I thought I will venture to the local WALLY WORLD in my little red bullet (Miata)
It is about 20 miles from my COUNTRY home, but I thought, its' been 3 days, my husband said it "isn't too bad", surely I can drive 20 miles, on the country road.....slowly.
So I hit the road. My first clue should have been that it took me 10 minutes to get out of my's a 2 mile drive!!
OK...not too bad...18 to go - I can do this...slowly I attack the corners, watch the traffic, slide thru the stop sign. I let all the cars go around me, I was so proud of myself. THEN...a hill, so I get some speed, hit the hill, halfway, I stop...I slide..I panic! Looking in my rearview mirror....a long line of cars coming...everyone stops, slides, one goes in the dtich! Three incredible men immediately jump out of their vehicles and come to my rescue. They rock me back and forth, go forward, slid it again! 20 minutes later...these 3 BRAVE men, literally pick up my little red bullet, (with me in it) turn me around, heading back down the hill......tell me to go back where I came from! So....I did. It took me an hour to go one big circle. This is the one BIG drawback to living in the sand trucks.
I thought I could, I thought I could !

Sports, I love SPORTS..

Most females don't like sports, don't know anything about sports, don't watch, don't listen and wouldn't know ESPN if it hit them in the face. ME, on the other hand, LOVE IT, LOVE IT I say. I had two amazing boys that grew up a small town, where sports is a way of life. I never missed an event they participated in.....if at all possible. I enjoyed watching them and enjoyed being there. Today, I haven't changed.
I made it a must do and went downtown Fort Worth this past weekend to take in all the ESPN set-ups. Amazing.

Monday, my husband and I drove to Arlington just to say "we were there." I won't be attending the superbowl, but I will be watching it on TV and loving it. Most of the females in my family think I am weird - I am sure of it - but be it as it may..I love sports!! Ok.Ok...I love to shop too....but DUH - I am female!!