All Balls

All Balls

Happy Birthday....

Today is number two son - COREY's- birthday!
You raise your kids in the same manner, give them the same things, teach the same lessons, in the same house, go to the same schools, churches, friends, etc. Then when they grow up and leave the nest, you realize they are so different. Corey and Chad were no exception. One thing that they are alike is, in the love of their sports.

 With Corey's birthday in April, it seems alot of his celebrations were baseball themed.
This year was no exception.

This way to the game......

Wishing you
special happiness,
wonderful memories...
and all the best
on your birthday
and every day.

Happy Birthday CoreBug !!
Much much love,
Mom and Dad 

Stuffed with L O V E !!!

One of the great things about being a grandparent is getting to do really cool things with the of those is BUILDING A BEAR...with love!
The BUILD A BEAR WORKSHOP concept is unique (if not a great money-maker). I have now entered all of my grandbabies into their world. You start by picking out your "bear" (or bunny or dog or longhorn) Then you get a "heart". You have to rub the heart on your forehead for "smarts", your legs for strength and the ability to run fast (all of the grandbabies looked at me like.."run???") and last but of course, not least, your heart for "love". You place the heart in your selection and you and the nice lady "stuff" your bear with the big stuffing machine. You have to do the foot work and she does the arm work. You have to squeeze it tight, to make sure it is just "right" and if it meets your standards, the nice lady sews up the heart and the stuffin' and you move to the next station.

Of course, after all this work, you must "bath" the newest member to your family. Now all clean, you must select clothes and go to the dressing room. After all dressed and ready for show, you have to input the newest member of the family into the computer and name "it". This can be quite a task. A name, gosh, let me think. I can't remember all the names ( I know, what kind of a grandmother am I?) They were unique and by the time we left the store, had changed.
It was great fun, nothing like watching the expression on their sweet faces, as "their" bear (dog and bunny) came to life.

I now have an extra place to spend my money, after can't just have one outfit!!