All Balls

All Balls

High Five For Friday


Yup, it's here again...FRIDAY! Good Friday - and what a glorious week it has been. Spring is in the air - everywhere.
(Some of my neighbors suffered some devastating weather this week with tornado's and my prayers go out to all. If you could take a moment and send a pray this way to my fellow Texans...)

On a brighter note, it is Easter weekend. A time of new and renewal. I love Easter and the promise of things to come. AMEN....

As you all know, I love crafting and with spring and Easter this month - this are just a few things I put together...................

1. Front porch  

2. Front door

3. Dining table

4. One of my NEW things is a new car. I got it this week and I love it.
It is so PURDEEEEE !!

5. I know I have mentioned the bluebonnets before, but they have absolutely taken over the hills and fields and they are breath taking. Each day on my drive to and from work I can only marvel at their beauty.
Thank you God for such wonderful beauty !!

Happy Friday and Happy Easter !!

Coffee Mug Swap.....

Won't you join in the fun???

Suzels Says

This is gonna be so fun. If you haven't participated in a blog swap...why not start now?

I am awaiting a new pair of FLIP FLOPS, courtesy of my daughter-in-laws swap on her blog....
sorry - too late to join this one
I am also in a CRAFTERS SWAP...can't wait to see what I get here
if this is your thing.....join in...
This is an amazing blog her!

HapPy SwAPpiNg and BlOgGiNG !!!!!