All Balls

All Balls

Moving on UP

Unfortunately our kids and grandkids don't live close. They both decided to move away - so Wheatie and I don't get to be a part of their lives like we had dreamed our "grand parenting" times would be.
We do love to camp and in order to see family - we have to travel. So one thing we decided was to combine the two. We took a small step toward retirement and purchased an upgrade to our camper.
Maybe, God willing and the creek don't rise, we will be able to travel in style to visit the kids.......
it seems our only option to be at least a small part of their lives........



We took our first trip just to a close by state park and it was GREAT
Our furbabies are able to come along and everyone is cozy and comfortable.....

 Nothing like a breakfast cooked outside with a view.....

Our second adventure (so far) was to the 28th annual Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival

Good times, 
good people,
 good food,
good music......

Can't wait for the next road trip !!