All Balls

All Balls
Why I Love My Husband

Well, I always seem to be a day late and dollar short these days - but I am going to join in anyway. What a fun link up party !!

1. He is truly by BFF - married for almost 39years

2. He never meets a stranger - the man could make a wall talk to him

3. He is smart

4. He is kind

5. He loves animals - and we have plenty of those to love

6. He can fix anything - where does he know how to do this stuff?

7. He is an amazing dad !!

8. He is an awesome "Pops" - we have 4 beautiful grandangels !!

9. He makes me laugh - like HAHA funny!!

10. He is loving and he is MINE!!
Its Ok Thursdays

No, really It's O.K....

...I am missing my kids and grand angels

...I tried to pass on getting my usual 44oz Sonic Coke Zero this morning - but didn't

...I was an hour late for work Monday (icy roads) and
my boss had the nerve to call me out!?!?!

...I will stay home next time, the entire day

...I am really loving the show Chicago Fire on Wednesday nights

...I am not interested in The Bachelor, American Idol, The X Factor..etc, etc, etc

...I seem to have a short fuse this week...don't push me

...I am sick and tired of hearing about Lance Armstrong - why is anyone even shocked?

...I have started cleaning out my files/file drawers at work in of anticipation of surgery
(4 months away)

...I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend

How is your Thursday ??

Linking up today (a week late from the start - better late than never - right?)

I have been on a "weight" journey my whole life. I have always struggled, lost - gain - lost - gain - gain - gain...
I am not as healthy as I would like to be or should be.  Last March I joined weight watchers online for 3 months - and did very well.

March to July - I tried it on my own. Not too much success.

Last July - I downloaded the free app MyFitnessPal - and I must say - it has been a life saver. You log all your food, your water, your exercise, your goals, your failures - EVERYTHING....
Calorie CounterYou can chose to make it public to the rest of the MFP peeps or keep it to your self. You make friends with the same goal - who support you, point out your mistakes, give you advise, share recipes, do's and don'ts. You can join challenges, speak your mind or keep very quiet. It has made me accountable to myself and when I know others are watching - I do better.
Since March - between WW and MFP I have lost 37lbs. I don't consider myself "on a diet". I have made a lifestyle change. I eat what I want, when I want, where I want. If I chose to eat a huge hamburger - then for me - I know I have to increase my exercise.

I am very limited in my exercising
(I have a fractured vertebrae - surgery is in the near future)
For my birthday last year, I told Wheatie I wanted a membership to CURVES ( In September I joined and love it! Even the surgeon said it would be ok (plus he told me I needed to continue to lose weight before the surgery - now that is a motivator for sure !!)
The ladies there are amazing and so much fun. It is 30 minutes of "me" time. I do it on my way to work or I can do it after work. 30 minutes and I get a full core circuit workout!! And I walk, walk, walk....I try to get in 10,000 steps daily! Wheatie is totally supportive (maybe he will even lose along with me)and that makes it even better.

This blog with JavaMama is just one more tool to use in making my eating habits healthy ones. I don't deprive myself, don't beat myself up, don't stress or complain. It's all on me - it's my choices and I choice to get healthy.

So that being said - I lost 2.4lbs (37lbs since March) this past week of Week 1 Biggest Loser Blog challenge (I won't be posting my weight, only my loss or gain)
Glad to be a part of this BIGGEST LOSER challenge - thanks Becky!!