All Balls

All Balls

Linking up today with some new bloggers....


I know must of you would think I am crazy, but yesterday when I got in my car - at 5:00pm - it was 86degrees....ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME - it's January. I would like to have a little winter - cold, I got boots to wear people !!

My sister in law's mom passed away this week. Dot was not my "immediate" family, but she was as much a part of my family as my own blood. She was a wonderful, loving, kind, christian woman. She has 3 amazing children and a host of pretty darn amazing grandkids and great grandkids. Dot will be missed, but always loved.

It has been a tough week around the office. Two of my officers are gonna be out of commission for awhile. One suffered a stroke. He is doing pretty good following surgery.
The other officer went in for surgery to remove a cyst - but when lab test were run, it was found to be cancerous. She is now doing radiation. Woody and DiDi, hurry back - I miss you!!


My Wheatie is such an amazing man. I am known for constantly changing, re-arranging, moving, buying, selling, re-doing the furniture in our house. My grandmother did it, my mom did it - it's in my blood - I can't help it.
This past weekend (in light of some major upcoming surgery) I wanted to re-arrange my bedroom furniture. I needed to clean the carpet, wanted some things gone, bought some new pieces and wanted to get it all moved. Now, I have reached a point in my life - where I no longer can do it by Wheatie is forced to either help me or listen to me constantly nag.....he helped. My bedroom looks GREAT..thanks honey!!

My furbabies - I just love them - they give me unconditonal love and it warms my heart.

It was a 4 day work week.....YAY !

In my "extended" family (I call them the "outlaws") - my daughter-in-laws family. They welcomed the latest addition to a growing family! I feel like I got a new addition too. Meet Miss Hannah Marie Coon......too cute. Congrats to Michael and Kristin - you did gooooooddddd !!

Linking up today with my new BFF's!  When you are on a "journey" to lose weight, you can NEVER, EVER have enough support. I found Katie and Lex and already their blogs has helped me! As I have said before, I don't consider myself on a "diet"...this is just the way life has to be. I want and need to be healthy and I can't do that if I am over weight.

My non scale victories this week

My Wheatie (hubby) He has always supported me in my changing "of the food" - but this past week he has joined me in changing his eating ways and exercising more. Of course, as always - men lose faster and he has already lost 4 lbs. I LOVE THAT MAN !!!

When you are "heavy","fat", "a plus size", "big girl"...blah blah blah - you can't normally shop just anywhere. This past week I went to Old Navy and I bought shirts, dresses and pants (and not in the PLUS SIZE section either !!!) that is no big deal for most - but for me it is!!

Women's Crepe DressesWomen's Button-Front Chiffon TopsWomen's The Rockstar Super Skinny JeansWomen's Roll-Cuff Blouses

I challlenged myself to get in 10,000 steps a day - and for the last 3 weeks I have done just that.(some days way more) Now, some of my co-workers raise an eyebrow when they see me doing "laps" around my desk...but the point to it is that I am moving and that is burning calories. When I get home, if I haven't reached my goal, then I do laps around my dining room, my kitchen, my bedroom, and weather permitting,  I take a walk with my furbabies or I ride my bike. 

Thanks Katie and Lex for all the encourgement !
Week 3

Wellllllllllllll.....I am sorry to say I did not lose any weight this week. But then I am not surprised. I ate waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many carbs and didn't get to exercise like I wanted.
But that's ok.....I didn't gain either - woohoo!!

Normally Wheatie insist on buying generic, anything on sale food. Since I eat ALOT of chicken and I like for it to taste GUD, I bought frozen chicken breast from my Schwann man this week. Huge difference, really profane! 

This week we cooked (actually Wheatie did) BASEBALL CHICKEN
She, Amy K., is a local celeb, does TV segments on cooking and is the all around Texas gal. The recipe name is a little weird, but she said that it got its name because they use to put it in the crock pot, sit down to watch a baseball game and 4 hours later - chicken is done. So I suppose, you could call it anything you, soccer, shopping, sitting around the pool, clothes washing, house cleaning, yard work, chicken...........kinda like Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Baseball Chicken

3 - 4 boneless, skinless chicken breast
2 10 oz. cans Rotel (original)
1 pkg. Taco Seasoning
1 stick butter


  1. Layer all ingredients in a crock pot and cover.
  2. Turn on HIGH for 4 hours.
  3. Once done, pull chicken out and shred.
  4. Cover with extra scoops of broth from crock pot.
  5. Serve on soft tortillas, crunchy taco shells or salad.
  6. Top with cheese and any other condiments you prefer
(adapted from Darla Fisher) 

Great, easy dinner and only @222 calories per chicken breast
 (before the cheese and tortilla)

So how was your week? Any new ideas you wanna share? Did you stay on track??