All Balls

All Balls

Summer drawing to a close...

The last few weeks I have felt so much better, doing physical therapy and increasing my walking I am getting stronger and stronger and I AM SO EXCITED!!

This past weekend Wheatie and I went down to Rockport
and spent most of the day at the beach. So relaxing............

Ate at the world famous HATFIELDS bar-b-q....rated in the top 50 in TEXAS and no doubt why - nom nom

On the way home - we took a detour and stopped by and picked up Jaycee and Cody......
A fun filled week and it was so good to get out and do SOMETHING !!
Cupcakes at "Alli B's"

 Movies - Smurfs2, Despecable Me2, and Turbo

Hawiian Falls Water Park

This is how I spent my day - AWWWWW

The Texas Civil War Museum.......

It was a great week, lots of laughs and good times !!!

I return to work (and reality) next week......I think I can, I think I can