All Balls

All Balls
 Being Friday the 13th, wanted to hook up with one of my newest, favorite read blogs. I mean - it's perfect!.

1. What's your view on men wearing sandals (yay or nay)?

Nay on the sandal -ay. Most men can't walk without dragging their feet ( trust me I know, I have 3 brothers, a husband, 2 sons, 2 grandsons, 4's a man eat me world I live in !!) Flip flops, ok - but for the love of money PICK UP YOUR FEET !
2. What song do you love but are embarrassed to admit?
Hmmmmm....gotta put the thinking cap on for that one. Not really much of a music person, I guess I listen but I don't hear......I just sing along and don't pay any attention. Except when I am at a red light and the car next to me is STARING at me.....

3. What summer camp should they make for moms? 

Let someone else have that title for a week while we live in QUIET !
My mother use to always tell me she was going to change her name (from Mom) - as a mother - I get that.
4. What is the most romantic song? (Not necessarily your favorite or your wedding song...)

Here again - music - not my strong suit. For my youngest son's wedding, we danced to LeeAnn Womack's - I HOPE YOU DANCE - to me that speaks volumes to anyone and everyone. I know - that sounded really cheesy, HUH?? You ask...
5. Do you have an embarrassing pregnancy story?
Personally I don't have an embrassing story for me, other than I gained waaaaaaaaaaaay too much weight and after all these years, some of it seems to still be with me! Plus that has been many, many moons ago and I am lucky to remember what I had for breakfast.
I did see a high school classmate one day - and she was wearing what I thought was a maternity I ask, "When's the baby due?" - to which she quickly replied, "I'm not pregnant!". Well shut the front door.......I didn't know

Ya'll have a goooooooooooood Friday !



The Cardboard Box Diet Linking up with Lauren today. This is my first post with the CB Diet. If this catches your eye, jumped on over and read Lauren's blog. When you are not on a diet, can never have enough support. Thanks Lauren for this great idea!!

1. First rule - weigh-in. I typically do this on Friday morning (that way - I have allllllllll week to recover from any over indulges of the weekend) So from last week's weigh-in - down 17lbs ( I started in March)

2. Second rule - exercise. Hmmm, well if you count push mowing and walking circles in the pool...then I guess I exercised. One thing I do - when I go shopping....I walk the WHOLE perimeter of the store (usually a Wal-Mart)...try to go up and down every isle and then do my shopping. Of course, I stop and shop along the way (can find some real bargains) - but all the extra steps are a plus.

3. Splurge/Guilty Pleasure - wine - but they are just empty calories. I did spurlge when we ate dinner out Tuesday. Made up for with a grilled pork chop, salad and steamed broccoli.

4. Success Story - I think the fact that I added exercise, be it least I was movin'.

5. Recipes - In Texas - it's hot - so anything cool and fun is a plus. These are YUMMY...hubby can't stop eating them....Skinny Cake Batter Ice Cream Sandwiches (
If my calculations are right, each cookie is about 130calories.

Skinny Cake Batter "Ice Cream" Sandwiches
Mix ingredients, place on a graham cracker square, freeze. I did not roll mine in sprinkles.
I placed the crackers on a cookie sheet and froze them individually first, then place in a zip lock bag for easy access. DELICIOUS.....
  • 1 box of Duncan Hines Funfetti Cake Mix (I think that brand does matter in this one...)
  • 2 cups plain, fat free, Greek yogurt
  • 1 heaping cup of fat free/lite Cool Whip
  • Low Fat Graham Crackers
One born every minute.....A Cartoon of a Silly Girl with a Lollipop Walking Her Dog - Royalty Free Clipart Picture

They say (and who is "they" anyway - another blog) is born every minute - A SUCKER - well, you are looking at one. I am such a wimp when it comes to influence. I see it on TV, I want one, I hear on the radio, I want one, I read on a blog, I want one.....SUCCCKKKERRRR !

My boys knew from an early age - mom is easy. I pretty much gave in to anything they wanted (Don't deny it boys, you know it was true)  I really like to think of myself as more of a people pleaser in that regards- that sounds so much better.

The other day I am watching TV - and one of those infamous commercials come on - the one that advertises the THE HIP-T
hip-T know that extra piece of material that covers your crack when you bend over, or reach way up high for something. I had to have I searched the internet and found the website "HIP-T' (careful what you put in that search engine).....yep I ordered a package. But, wait....I couldn't wait 2-7 days for them to arrive - OH NO - let's go to Wal-mart and look in the "as seen on TV section". This is definately for those people that can't wait. WAAAAAALAAAAA - there they were.
Only they are called TRENDY TOPS. Package of two, basic black and white $10. WHAT A DEAL (the HIP-T is $19.95 for two, but you can get them a print, gray and other variables)

So now I am the proud owner of a black one and white one. I have a gray one, and printed one on the way, in the mail, as I write. I am so excited.

I actually have the white one on today. So far, I would say I am pleased. I don't think I have showed my crack one time. (Of course, I haven't been out of this chair except to go get a drink...didn't have to bend over or reach high)
But I am looking good...and I feel pleased about my purchase(s)
Linking up with two of my FAV blogs today. First, Jessica with
The task this past week was to watch your favorite all time movie. Wellllllllllll, anyone that knows me, even for a little while knows that, GOD and my FAMILY are the most important things in my life, PURPLE is my favorite color of all and that PRETTYWOMAN is my favorite movie. You can ask anyone, I can quote the movie word for word. I use lines from the movie all the time. I know I have watched it 100+ times....and I still watch it like it is the first time. Basically, a Cinderella story and who doesn't love a good Cinderalla story?? ANDDDDDDDDDDDD who wouldn't love Richard Gere coming to rescue you - A man in a suit stands back to back with a woman wearing in a short skirt and thigh high boots.

Be sure and link up and SMELL THE ROSES:
This week's task:
Visit somewhere that you've never been before.

Whether it's a new restaurant, a new park, a new bookstore or even a new friend's house...go somewhere that you've never been before, shake it up a little bit :) To make it even more fun, visit somewhere that you've never been before with someone else who's never been there either!

Incorporating Color

Second linking up with Kati from
and Kate for

1. GOOD: I finally got to spend a weekend at home. Got to catch up on some crafts, make plans for my two oldest grand angels visit next week, a little shopping, some cooking, cleaned house and do laundry. Friday night hubby and I went out to dinner then spent the evening in the pool looking at the stars. Plus face time with two of my grand angels, Jaxson and Annabelle last night.

2. BAD: My puppy girls sleep in the house at night, on their beds, in our bedroom. For the last several weeks they have started doing this thing where, for no apparent reason, they decide to BARK in the middle of the night - causing myself and hubby to literally jump out of the bed. Makes for a very short night.

3. UGLY: I lost a wallet with about 80% of my credit cards in it sometime FRIDAY.  I have been going nuts since I discovered it. Back stepping all my steps since Friday. Making phone calls, cancelling cards....GEEEZZZZ - it sucks!!