All Balls

All Balls

High 5 (finally) Friday....

A busy week, but not really anything worth blogging about. I did receive my first BIRCHBOX this week and was very excited to be part of that group. I was a little disappointed in their selection of items, but I will give it time. Check it out...
I learned about the BB from one of my daily reads at

1. One of the least favorite and probably never use (unless I use for a Halloween costume) is DESIGNER EYELINER. These are stick on eyeliners in various shapes and forms. I'm a simple girl - I will stick with just the straight line ( boring - I know)
2. The next least favorite item was SHOWSTOPPERS. These are to help hide, conceal, whatever "something" from showing (boobies) I don't wear anything that I would need to have STOPPED, so I don't look to use these at any time.

3.Travel Puff, make-up removal...this will go great in my stand-by travel stuff. Ready to travel.....
4. VIVA LA JUICE parfume. Again, I am a simple girl. I LOVE Estee Lauder Pleasures (the original formula) and don't plan on anything more "juicy"...
5. The best for last. A tiny little JOUER pink lipstick. Now this - I like. It will be a great color for spring and I might even have to order a full size.


Happy Birthday Chad

Today my oldest Chad, turns 34 years old!
His dad and I are so proud of the man he has become.

Our son, Chad is a wonderful blessing, a treasure from above. He’s laughter, warmth and special charm; He’s thoughtfulness and love

Our son, Chad brings a special joy that comes from deep inside. And as he grows to manhood, he fills your heart with pride.

With every year that passes, he’s more special than before. Through every stage, through every age, we love him even more.

No words can describe the warm memories, the pride and gratitude, too. That comes from having a son to love and to cherish…just like you!

Love, Mom & Dad