All Balls

All Balls
Its Ok Thursdays

THANK GOD – it is Thursday already. Being off for 5 days last week, makes me want to retire…because I can

It’s OK….

That even tho I don’t have any small children in my house – I have an Elf on the Shelf…..Meet Maxine – cutie isn’t she??
She got in my wine cabinet!!

That I am hating the weather around here – for crying out loud – it’s gonna be 80 D*** degrees this weekend….
That I get up every morning to work out and by 8:00pm am ready for bed – but never go to bed before 10:30pm
That I wore boots yesterday – even tho it was not COLD here !!
That I am going to a Christmas party this weekend as the lamp from Christmas Story
That Wheatie is going as the box I came in ( he ehehehe ) pics to follow
That I spoil my furbabies…..they love me unconditionally
That I have a baby blanket I am crocheting – and I need to finish it ASAP
That I just bought a sweater (I know – it’s not that cold) and jeans to match – in PINK !!! Shiny Shiny Pink !!
That I have to go see a back surgeon today – only good news, only good news !!

How is your Thursday ??

One thing I wanted to be sure and do while the grandangels were here was to visit the Gaylord Texas Hotel where they have an winter wonderland of ice. Each year the theme is different and always geared toward the kids (they know how to market) The theme this year - Merry Madagascar - AMAZING. I don't think the kids really appreciate the time and effort that goes into sculpting these massive works of art...but none the less....AMAZING

The lobby offers plenty of places for pictures

Move it, Move it, Move it.....

Alex, Gloria and the gang

AN ICE SLIDE...this was too fun!!!

 Pictures with dad...always a plus.......

After we nearly froze our buns off (it's 9 degrees in there) we headed to a warm and cozy pizza place in downtown Grapevine....

.....A full day of fun, fun, fun !!!


Wheatie bought himself a new/used 4 wheeler. He said it was for the "grand angels"...uh,huh....sure

Fortunately for Wheatie...two of the grandangels were here and they got to ride on was fun for sure. However, I think most of the time, the 4 wheeler will be wheelin at the deer lease....


We headed to the movies one day to see RISE OF THE GUARDIANS - in 3D.
A great movie. I really enjoyed it and we actually learned something.....

Do you know what happens to your baby teeth when the tooth fairy takes them.....I won't spoil it for you!!

Chillin a little .......

before heading to the Parade of Lights.......
Turkey Day

I was very thankful this year that I got to have two of my grandangels with me for Thanksgiving. They arrived Weds night and stayed until Sunday - WOOHOO !!!

Thanksgiving Day was spent at Hunter Bill's house. It's all good - because he does the big bird and I just have to bring some sides. My kind of cooking. I am always required, requested, begged, told too make my sausage balls. This is a simple,simple thing to do - and I could tell you that the recipe has been handed down for YEARS...but it would be a lie....they are just like everyone elses sausage balls. The best part is when I have a helper.....

Pictures speak a thousand words

Pops - front and center

Dwayne - not sure if he is giving me a signal or saying  hello or talking with his mouth full or....

Hunter Bill and Carebear.......paying attention....what?!?!

Turkey day wouldn't be complete without a good game of HORSE
Miss Jaycee - the winner  (they were hustled)

Of course no Turkey Day would be complete without a little football.....