All Balls

All Balls
Its Ok Thursdays

THANK GOD – it is Thursday already. Being off for 5 days last week, makes me want to retire…because I can

It’s OK….

That even tho I don’t have any small children in my house – I have an Elf on the Shelf…..Meet Maxine – cutie isn’t she??
She got in my wine cabinet!!

That I am hating the weather around here – for crying out loud – it’s gonna be 80 D*** degrees this weekend….
That I get up every morning to work out and by 8:00pm am ready for bed – but never go to bed before 10:30pm
That I wore boots yesterday – even tho it was not COLD here !!
That I am going to a Christmas party this weekend as the lamp from Christmas Story
That Wheatie is going as the box I came in ( he ehehehe ) pics to follow
That I spoil my furbabies…..they love me unconditionally
That I have a baby blanket I am crocheting – and I need to finish it ASAP
That I just bought a sweater (I know – it’s not that cold) and jeans to match – in PINK !!! Shiny Shiny Pink !!
That I have to go see a back surgeon today – only good news, only good news !!

How is your Thursday ??

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