All Balls

All Balls


It is freakin’ December  and yet this past weekend it was 85 degrees!! But spite that – we made our first Christmas Party. Sasha and Jerry actually met at our house – about 7 years ago – and since have married and have the cutest little boy, Rylan!! They hosted the party and the theme was that you had to dress as a character from your favorite Christmas movie!! Now me, I love all Christmas movies – but decided on the Christmas Story. I love that lamp in the movie – so I went as the lamp and Wheatie was my box!!

There was quiet the variety and no duplicates.....We had Christmas Vacation, ELF, Scrooge, Rudolph, a snowman, bad Santa, Santa's elves. Then we had those that didn't dress up at ALL - BAH HUMBUG!!

I will just let you gander at the pics.......
Our Host

and Hostess

Cousin Eddy

Bad Santa and his Snowball

Rudolph (missing her nose)

Scrooge - before and after


Buddy watching Buddy
One of the prettier elves

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy

We also had Kathryn (Cousin Eddy's wife) and Linus - see below
- those that didn't dress up
- didn't get to be in the picture!!
That'll show you!!

We took home 4th place with a nice little prize

And this is what happens when
Buddy drinks to much eggnog!!
Don't ask.....

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  1. Love the leg lamp costume! Sounds like a fun party. :)