All Balls

All Balls
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1.     First week with no students – it has been vewry, vewry quiet at the office, a scary quiet…but I am not complaining – I can do this for a few months.

2.    Kitchen update – new stove installed.
     Understand, in my house, nothing is EVER simple. We picked it up first thing Saturday morning, but because of all our other commitments, hubby didn’t get around to installing it until late Sunday evening. Old one out – new one in;  BUTTTTTTTT – when he goes to attach the  PLUG, guess what - they sent the wrong wiring ! What – are you kidding me??  Luckily and because my hubby is super smart – he took the one off the old one and was able to use it on the new one!!  It was midnight before he finished, but he did and I can’t wait to cook  “sumptin”  Thank you honey !!  Updated pics next week…

3.    Four of my co-workers retired this year. 
Henry, Vic, Harold and Chris
On Monday we had a retirement celebration (happy hour if you will – but we can’t actually put that in our email invites at work) So happy for all of them and jealous too. They all came to this department after me and are leaving before me – what’s wrong with that picture?
Good luck guys and gals - I'm gonna miss ya!

4.    Solo –
     our newest dog baby seems to be settling in very well. She still isn’t sure about the cat. She turns her head side to side and then paws at her. She was a little taken back by the horse too. I think she thinks that the cat is one TINY dog and that the horse is one really BIG dog.
The other two are accepting her and we are becoming one big happy family !!

5.    And last, but not least, I made my first visit to . I know for those of you that have been there you are thinking, “What rock did you just crawl out from under?” Understand the closet one to me is an hour and half away. You have to go on a tollway,through the most frustrating roadway detours and construction. So I just haven’t done it. But with my new kitchen underway – I wanted an island.  Searching high and low – is where I found a couple that sparked my interest.
Sooooooooooooo – yesterday I talked (pleaded actually) with my husband into taking a road trip with me. OMGosh…..I am in love. It is a good thing it is so far away. I found my island, plus a few other items.
I could have had so much more, but we were in the car – not the truck ! I did manage
to make a decision...
and believe me - it was gonna fit in the way or the other....

But next time……oh yea!!!

Have a great FRIDAY ya’ll


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It is gonna be hard for me to fine anything but GOOD from this was busy, and it's Monday already.....but it was a GOOD weekend...

GOOD:  If you read my blog, you know hubby and I have been searching for a new church home. We haven't been to church on a regular basis in quiet sometime, and we both knew we were missing that in our lives.
On Easter Sunday we visited the PARKER COUNTY COWBOY CHURCH - and have been attending ever since. This is not your traditional church. You come in your boots, your hat, your shorts, your sandals, you come anyway you want. It's not about what you look like, it's about hearing the word of GOD. We are truly blessed to have found such a wonderful place to worship GOD. We are the "newbies", still learning the "ropes" - but the church is filling our needs.
 The past Saturday they had one of their many FAMILY FELLOWSHIPS.

The day started with team roping, playday, wagon rides and horse clinics. The evening meal was prepared by the chuckwagin team. They served prime rib, corn, taters, rolls, salad and all the fixins....YUMMMY...

(photos courtesty of the PCCC facebook page)

The rest of the members were asked to bring a dessert to share. I made cake pops and hubby did his famous peach cobbler in the dutch oven.

After dinner, the fellowship moved inside to the "sanctuary" for a little boot scootin'. The band was amazing and fun was had by all - young and old !
(photos courtesy of PCCC facebook page)

BAD: Living in the country has it's ups and downs....this is the BAD part. This apparently is what was left of a "bird" next to my driveway. I am thinking a coyote had bird for dinner....

UGLY: It is so UGLY, I couldn't even share a pic with you. We were testing the waters with our newest dog baby - SOLO - . We let her out in the front yard with us while we worked in the yard. Not knowing if she would run, we put her on a chain (just until she gets use to her new "yard"). She got very excited at one point and wrapped the chain around my legs. I now have these amazing, deep, bruised chain marks on my calves. She did really well tho and will soon be able to run free outside while we work.

How as your weekend???