All Balls

All Balls
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1.     Kitchen update – island put together, baseboards back in place.  Annnnnnnnnd even tho I am thinking I might want new light fixtures, I think hubby is moving on to other “honey-dos” for the time being – So here are the pics and WE ARE DONE !

2.    My youngest grand angel – Annabelle (she is 3) – has been taking dance/tap lessons. She had her first dance recital this week. They live in Maryland so I wasn’t able to be there.  Her dad sent these pictures….isn’t she a doll?  Boo and Pops love you to the moon and back, Miss AB…..

3.    Went to lunch earlier this week to Olive Garden, with a couple of my police buddies. The people sitting at the table next to us paid for our entire meal! The gentlemen stated he was a retired constable and knew the job the officers were doing was a dangerous one. They were so appreciative of the officers and wanted to thank them. Lucky me – I was with them!

4.    Gave blood – did you know 1 donation saves 3 lives? I am regular blood donor and even head up the blood drive for work twice a year. I think it is a wonderful and easy thing to do. Someday you or a loved one might be the one in need.

5.     Four day work week – enough said

Have a great FRIDAY ya’ll

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This week's topic: Things you like best/worst about being your age.

She actually wants 4 - 2 you like best and 2 you like worst


KNOW MY LIMITS: I like being a grandmother at my age. I still feel I am young enough to keep up with my 4 grand angels (most days) yet old enough to know my limits.

SPEAK MY MIND: Even tho - for the most part - I think before I speak I don't have a problem telling people what I think. I don't like to be treated as if I am a nobody and don't have a mind of my own.
Not to say that has always been the case. I have had times where I spoke and then I turn into Homer Simpson - DOH.....


SPEAK MY MIND: See above. I regret that I have probably hurt someone's feelings or made them feel bad because I do tend to speak my mind. I'm working on it.

PHYSICAL STRENGTH: Seems the older you get, the more things "don't work like they use to".  I am in awe when I see people in the 80's and 90's that have such amazing physical (and mental) strength. I know it is up to me and I am trying to get there....but it is hard.

Ok...your's harder than you think !
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I found this recipe on a Weight Watchers site and have done it many times. It's so simple you think it can't possibly work. It does and it is good.

One cake mix - any flavor - your choice
One 12oz can of diet soda (or if you prefer, the real thing)

Mix together well. Batter will be a little lumpy. Pour into a well greased (I use a spray oil to coat the pan and then a little flour) pan. Cook on 325 until cake is done (20-25mins). The cake won't rise to a "normal" height, but is done when a clean toothpick is revealed. Remove from oven, let cool before removing from pan.

I have done this with Big Red and a Strawberry cake mix. I have used Diet Coke with a chocolate cake mix. The combinations are endless and they are really good. Even hubby gives it a thumbs up.

Incorporating Color
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for the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY....
For the most part, I must say - my weekends are always good. They seem to fly by and before I know it - it's that dreaded day of the week - MONDAY.
MY good, bad and ugly all have to do with just one thing this past weekend - PLUMS....
Last week hubby picked plums from our plum tree. 10+lbs of plums. I brought quiet a few to my co-workers, we ate some - but still I had @8lbs left over. So I decided I would make jelly. Now I have made jelly in the past with my grandmother, my mom and even my mother-in-law. But never have I attempted such a task on my own....OMGosh......3 1/2 hours later - I have 12 jars (and some left over in a bowl) of homemade plum jelly.....I AM EXHAUSTED! I told my husband, never do I want to live like the pioneer women of the past...give my WAL-MART anyday of the week!
I managed a few pics.......
I got so caught up in the cooking that I forgot to take pics during


Had to "bath" the jars when finished (this seals the tops - who knew??)
I had plum juice all over the counter, the stove, me, the sink, floor, the dogs (they were under my feet all day), dishtowels............
Finished product
I am proud that I completed the task and hubby gave a big thumbs up to the finished product! (that makes it all worthwhile)