All Balls

All Balls
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1.     Kitchen update – island put together, baseboards back in place.  Annnnnnnnnd even tho I am thinking I might want new light fixtures, I think hubby is moving on to other “honey-dos” for the time being – So here are the pics and WE ARE DONE !

2.    My youngest grand angel – Annabelle (she is 3) – has been taking dance/tap lessons. She had her first dance recital this week. They live in Maryland so I wasn’t able to be there.  Her dad sent these pictures….isn’t she a doll?  Boo and Pops love you to the moon and back, Miss AB…..

3.    Went to lunch earlier this week to Olive Garden, with a couple of my police buddies. The people sitting at the table next to us paid for our entire meal! The gentlemen stated he was a retired constable and knew the job the officers were doing was a dangerous one. They were so appreciative of the officers and wanted to thank them. Lucky me – I was with them!

4.    Gave blood – did you know 1 donation saves 3 lives? I am regular blood donor and even head up the blood drive for work twice a year. I think it is a wonderful and easy thing to do. Someday you or a loved one might be the one in need.

5.     Four day work week – enough said

Have a great FRIDAY ya’ll

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  1. Those all sound like great things. I cannot give blood so I really appreciate those of you that can and do. My husband always has. I was finally able to twice and then I was on the bench again. Maybe in the future.