All Balls

All Balls


1. GIRLS RULE - I play a friendly wagering game with some of my favorite people during the football season....son's, husband, brother, friends of brother, co-workers, co-workers son, daughter-in-law, father's a friendly game until the winner is declared. Then, not so much. I took the lead early and never looked back.......this year - yours truly BEAT ALL THE BOYS...who knows her football - this girl !!

$240.00 smack a roooooosss ! Can't wait for next year !

2. PURPLE is my favorite color. I found this polish and it rocks...had my toes done yesterday

3. TOMS shoes - love them! Got my first pair couple of years ago from my kids - a red pair! Love, love, love them! Soooooooooooooo - when I saw where TOMS was coming out with a BALLET FLAT - I got so excited. Ordered a black pair - basic - goes with everything.
 Got them in the mail Weds.,
wore them to work Thursday,
returning them on Friday.
So disappointed. They rub 4 blisters on my I will be going back to the classic.......

4. New office.....finally settled in - and well worth the wait

5. And the kitchen remodel husband is doing a fantastic job.......NEW SINK and faucet.....


I've earned this...

I have been in my current job for 23+ years. I have had 3 different positions, currently I am the police dispatcher and I LOVE IT ! I am on my 4th far he is the best! This office has moved to 3 different buildings and within those buildings I moved 7 times.
The last move was a week ago. This is my 8th desk/office/space/cubby hole.....and this is where I hope to spend my last remaining time. Techinically I can retire next August - that is a scary thought.

Haven't really decided if that is what I will do.
There are lots of  "if, ands or butts" to think about.

My husband won't be retiring - but in his profession, he pretty much can work anywhere in the great state of Texas and we have plans on moving down to the hill country.

time will tell....

This is my forner office...I lived here for 6 years.....Number 7 of  8 offices
Note the pink window and I could only turn my chair in one direction.
I am sure had the fire department come by they would have declared it a public hazard!!

This is my new office. It is beautiful, twice as big, has a HUGE window with a view of downtown
.......and if I so desire - I can spin in all different direction in my chair.
Of course, I am way to busy to be playing.....

This is where I hope to spend my last years.........keeping my fingers crossed !!

5 things I love about ME...

Taking a great idea from another of my fav bloggers, to stop and smell the roses and to write down 5 things "I love me because"
.......simple, right? NOT............but here goes...

1. I love me because I am incredibly loyal. If you are my friend, I will stick by you, I will support you, I will be there for you. I might not agree with a decision you make, but if you feel strongly - I'm there.

2. I love me because I have a huge heart. I tend to want to help anyone, human and animal.

3. I love me because I am a Texan, through and through. I love everything about Texas and being a Texan. Don't mess with Texas and don't mess with me.

4. I love me because I love the little things. I am not a materialistic person. I don't need fancy cars, houses, clothes, etc. to be happy. I don't require gifts to be your friend. I just want people to be themselves and take me for who I am.

5. Maybe last but not least.......I love me because I love my amazing family. They are the best and God has blessed me with them.

What are 5 things you love about you?