All Balls

All Balls


1. GIRLS RULE - I play a friendly wagering game with some of my favorite people during the football season....son's, husband, brother, friends of brother, co-workers, co-workers son, daughter-in-law, father's a friendly game until the winner is declared. Then, not so much. I took the lead early and never looked back.......this year - yours truly BEAT ALL THE BOYS...who knows her football - this girl !!

$240.00 smack a roooooosss ! Can't wait for next year !

2. PURPLE is my favorite color. I found this polish and it rocks...had my toes done yesterday

3. TOMS shoes - love them! Got my first pair couple of years ago from my kids - a red pair! Love, love, love them! Soooooooooooooo - when I saw where TOMS was coming out with a BALLET FLAT - I got so excited. Ordered a black pair - basic - goes with everything.
 Got them in the mail Weds.,
wore them to work Thursday,
returning them on Friday.
So disappointed. They rub 4 blisters on my I will be going back to the classic.......

4. New office.....finally settled in - and well worth the wait

5. And the kitchen remodel husband is doing a fantastic job.......NEW SINK and faucet.....


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  1. Kitchen looks great!

    I think you had an inside track on the games this year...