All Balls

All Balls

I've earned this...

I have been in my current job for 23+ years. I have had 3 different positions, currently I am the police dispatcher and I LOVE IT ! I am on my 4th far he is the best! This office has moved to 3 different buildings and within those buildings I moved 7 times.
The last move was a week ago. This is my 8th desk/office/space/cubby hole.....and this is where I hope to spend my last remaining time. Techinically I can retire next August - that is a scary thought.

Haven't really decided if that is what I will do.
There are lots of  "if, ands or butts" to think about.

My husband won't be retiring - but in his profession, he pretty much can work anywhere in the great state of Texas and we have plans on moving down to the hill country.

time will tell....

This is my forner office...I lived here for 6 years.....Number 7 of  8 offices
Note the pink window and I could only turn my chair in one direction.
I am sure had the fire department come by they would have declared it a public hazard!!

This is my new office. It is beautiful, twice as big, has a HUGE window with a view of downtown
.......and if I so desire - I can spin in all different direction in my chair.
Of course, I am way to busy to be playing.....

This is where I hope to spend my last years.........keeping my fingers crossed !!

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  1. Nice! I thought this post was going to be about your big winnings in the football pot. You earned that of only 2 ladies in the whole pool winning the whole pot...Whooohooo! Girls Rule. ;)