All Balls

All Balls

All Balls - THE LAST DAY

The boys were off to play golf (I think their day started a little slow because of all the ADULT beverages the night before)

Even had to share with the wild life .........

The rest of us opted for a movie INSIDE OUT

Back at the house for more family time......


Our Annual Awards
Caddy, Weiner Award, The Whiner and the Family Plate

This weekend is so special and I look forward to it every year.
I am blessed beyond words for such an awesome family !!

See you next year !!
Love you guys to the moon and back

All Balls - DAY TWO

Best way to start our day is with a good breakfast -
Pedi's and shopping for the girls
Back at the house,
swimming, gambling, I mean games,
hot tubs and a little adult beverages

Happy Birthday to our June baby's
Cayla and Cody

All Balls continues - DAY ONE

Shall we gather at the SALT LICK to start off the 4 days of madness, love, good times and FAMILY !!

July 4

July 4 at the Phillips Country Club....these people could not be more fun !!

Greg, Paul and Wheatie

Tommy, Marcy, Greg, me and Wheatie

Bill, Wheatie and Barbara

Jim, Wheatie and Joy

The life of Riley (or Greg in this case)
A raft for your drinks,
your feet, your arm and your body.....
Life is good at the Phillips Country Club