All Balls

All Balls

Cozy Up !!

Linking up today....

It's finally COLD here....I know most of you think I am crazy, but it is DECEMBER, Christmas is 4 days away and I don't like warm, hot weather for Christmas!
So I am linking up today with some of things that are COZY to me.....

My GRAND ANGELS.....can never get enough COZY with them

Threshold? Sherpa ThrowI love to get cozy with a blanket and a good Christmas movie Elf Love Buddy....

My newest obsession......Glaze by Adi Women's Faux Suede Slouchy BootBoots, Boots, Boots......

Fire in the wood stove...

Holding hands with hubby....

A walk on a COLD night....

My furbabies ....................

what makes you feel cozy????

It's OK....

Its Ok Thursdays
Linking up today - come join the party!!

It's OK.....

*that I have 1 more day and I am off for 2 FREAKIN weeks....can't wait

*that I am annoyed when I answer the phone and the party on the other end wants to speak SPANISH - sorry folks - this is Texas, this is America, the United States - the language is ENGLISH - learn to speak it !!

*that I can't stop thinking about CT and all the happenings going on prayers to them all!!

*that I haven't lost any weight in 2 weeks.....WTH??

*that I have one more physical therapy session..I pay people to watch me exercise...that is just wrong!!

*that I got a new computer at work and lost all my FAVORITES - especially my fav I have to hunt you all down again

*that I am glad is is FINALLY cold today - yesterday a balmy 77 degrees - in DECEMBER - no!!!

*that I bought the cutest jacket at Target yesterday - in the JUNIOR department !! OH YEAH!!

*that I got my new Vera Bradley purse in the mail yesterday - yeah yeah - I know - another purse!! A girl can not have too many!!

What's ok in your world today ???
Tis the Season

It's that time of year - whether you like it or not - the holidays. It is strange for me because none of my kiddos will be at my house this year. We will all be together for the new year (pictures here we come)
I will have all my brothers and their families with me on Christmas Day and I look forward to being with them.....

My Tree

The wood stove

Dining Room Centerpiece

"Maxine" - my Elf on a Shelf

My collection of Nutcrackers (You can see Sammie spends alot of time on her bed - sleeping)

One of my furbabies - Sammie