All Balls

All Balls
Wine, wine and more wine....

This past weekend, Wheatie and I made our way over to the Lightcatcher Winery and Bistro. TOO MUCH FUN. The winery is nestled on 4 acres, surrounded by trees and less than 10 miles from our house (this could prove to be dangerous)

It is an actual winery and altho all the wines they serve are not distilled there...a great many of them are.
    We started with a wine tasting before dinner. Very good - Wheatie had 3 reds and I had whites/blushes. They were YUMMY!

The shoes are wine bottle holders - I had to have one - you will see which one later in this blog!

We chose to sit outside on the patio area. It was raining, but the patio was covered, there was a cool breeze and soft "winery" type music playing. Candles, tablecloths, mood lighting and an amazing waitress - Valerie.
Our before dinner drinks were to die for. Our dinner was the hand cut beef tenderloin in a merlot sauce. Cooked to perfection. And for dessert, the Fresh Merlot Creme' brulee with fresh raspberry and strawberries. (sorry I was so amazed at the food (and hungry) I forgot to take pics)

We were very impressed with the staff, the facility, the food, the wine and the overall experience that we joined their wine club. Now how fun is that going to be. We get two bottles of wine a month, they have Jazz Sundays and wine tastings. I can't wait.....

After dinner, we headed back to house to watch the Texas Rangers. Sat out on our patio and enjoy the game and a little after dinner drink and fine cigar.
This was the winner......tooooooooooooo cute! Love it!!
I have collected several wine glasses over the years and this past weekend following our amazing night at Lightcatcher, I took all my "wine" stuff and put it in a curio cabinet, in one of my dining area, my glasses are right at my finger tips, along with my wines and .......the wine holder!

I have seen this on several blogs these past couple of weeks. This week has proved to be a little trying so I decided to look for the good in my life. I know there is way more good than bad, but why does it always seem like bad comes out on the top of the thinking lobe.
Here is my HAPPY LIST:
Spending time with my family
When I hear ‘I love you’
Knowing my kids/grand angels/hubby are happy and healthy
A phone call from the grand angels
Surprises in the mail
A babies laughter
My friends
My dogs
Bringing a smile to someone else
Texas Longhorns, Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys
A great bottle of wine, on a patio late in the evening
A good cigar
A spring storm
Warm sunshine
Texas sunsets/sunrises
Getting into that pair of jeans from long ago
New jewelry, new outfit, new shoes, new purse
Finding those Christmas presents that I hid so well
When someone gives me a compliment
A good movie that leaves me with the “WOW” factor
Music to sing along to
Completing a craft project
What’s on your happy list?