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All Balls


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Octoberfest in the Hill Country

Once again, our friends Marcy and Greg included us in one of their many annual trips. They always go to Frerdricksburg, Tx for the Octoberfest........with lots of side trips, drinking, eating, shopping, walking, eating, drinking....did I mention eating and drinking??

first stop, Comfort, Texas.........not much here to do but shop and drink.....

the boys settle in for a beer

a side trip to the FAT ASS WINERY

did I mention drinking??

 Voted one of the top hamburgers in Texas. Alamo Springs Cafe...did I mention drinking..

We did actually go to the Octoberfest, but for some reason (drinking, maybe) this was the only picture we got....
did I mention drinking......

wouldn't be a trip down south, unless you stopped in Luckenbach
 Everybody is somebody in Luckenbach....did I mention drinking.....


It's a party even on the balcony of the rooms...did I mention drinking..

YES - she was pole dancing.......

This was a great glad to be a part of it !! Thanks Marcy and Greg for including us !!

Rhymes and Vines 2015

Wheatie's usual group wasn't able to camp with him this year, so the furbabies and I joined him. I know we weren't the "rowdy" bunch "PW" is use to, but we had a good time and it was fun to camp !!

Number 9

My second prince and third grand angel celebrated his 9th birthday on 9/11/2015. It may be a sad day for most, but we surely celebrate a blessing in our lives - Jaxson.

He is a unique young man, so loving, so smart, so funny, so 9 years old. He is a lover of all things loves his family, and is more than a plus in mine and Wheaties world.

Happy Birthday Buddy !!

Love this little guy !!

Pickin for Preemies

Each year, a local radio personality and DJ - Justin Frazell (whose children were premature and patients) with 95.9 - The Ranch puts together an UH-AMAZING group of singer/songwriters to benefit Cook's Children Medical Center, neonatal unit. The event is held at one of the world's largest honky tonks - Billy Bob's Texas.This year I actually won VIP tickets and Wheatie and I attended. The event raised over 340,000.00 for the hospital.

Sonny Burgess, Randy Brown, Charla Corn,Luke Wade, Brandon Ryder, Bonnie Bishop

 Kevin Fowler, Pat Green, Zane Williams, Josh Weathers,
 Mike Ryan, Roger Creager, William Clark Green
Larry Joe Taylor, Sam Riggs, Mike McClue,Cody Canada, 
Brandon Jenkins,  Adam Hood, Zack Wilkerson
                                     Sonny Burgess, Randy Brown, Charla Corn,Luke Wade, 
                                                        Brandon Ryder, Bonnie Bishop

Prophets and Outlaws

Main Street Backs the Blue

I have been a police dispatcher for 26 plus years. I have two nephews and a niece that are police officers. I have a nephew that is a former fire fighter and one that works with the American Red Cross. I have an extended family of men and women in blue that are as close to me as my own flesh and blood.

I have lost a very close friend and co-worker in the line of duty. I have watched his children grow up without their father. I have witnessed first hand the pain and sorrow that comes with the day to day lives of police officers and first responders. I know at any moment when that radio keys up that lives could be on the line. I know I am a life line to the 60 plus officers that depend on me everyday. I know that when I call for help, they will be there for me.

The last several weeks have made me sick to my stomach the senseless lives of law enforcement that have been lost and the families left behind to mourn their death and try to move forward in a positive manner.

In less than 72 hours, a citizen that cares the same way I do, turned to social media for a turn this "attitude" around. She called for the citizens of Fort Worth to come together as "ONE" and show the men and women of the FWPD that they have our support and love. On Monday, September 7, 2015 - Labor Day, more than 3,000 people came to a rally to support FWPD. I was more than honored to be a part of. Wheatie and I  stood with my nephew and niece, my fellow co-workers, friends and strangers. I listened to several state representatives, the mayor, the president of the police association, and numerous other speakers commend, applaud, recognize and praise the FWPD. It was an amazing hour !



Saturday was an all day, all out music, bar-b-q, chili cook off kinda of day !!

The music WAS literally OUTSTANDING !!
Chuck Pyle

 Friends, Friends and more Friends

Wheatie never passes up FREE

Radney Foster

Tejas Brothers

Dave and Larry Joe

Home Folks in the house, Shayne from 95.9 The Ranch 

William Clark Green