All Balls

All Balls

Pickin for Preemies

Each year, a local radio personality and DJ - Justin Frazell (whose children were premature and patients) with 95.9 - The Ranch puts together an UH-AMAZING group of singer/songwriters to benefit Cook's Children Medical Center, neonatal unit. The event is held at one of the world's largest honky tonks - Billy Bob's Texas.This year I actually won VIP tickets and Wheatie and I attended. The event raised over 340,000.00 for the hospital.

Sonny Burgess, Randy Brown, Charla Corn,Luke Wade, Brandon Ryder, Bonnie Bishop

 Kevin Fowler, Pat Green, Zane Williams, Josh Weathers,
 Mike Ryan, Roger Creager, William Clark Green
Larry Joe Taylor, Sam Riggs, Mike McClue,Cody Canada, 
Brandon Jenkins,  Adam Hood, Zack Wilkerson
                                     Sonny Burgess, Randy Brown, Charla Corn,Luke Wade, 
                                                        Brandon Ryder, Bonnie Bishop

Prophets and Outlaws

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