All Balls

All Balls

It's ok.........

that - more day (you don't count today) and I am off for a week of Spring Break and that I get to see and be with at least 2 of my grand angels -
Jaycee and Cody - can't wait!!

that Wheatie and I are hooked on two televison shows "The Following" (Monday nights) and Chicago Fire" (Weds. night) - very unusual that we "must" watch - but these two have our attention.

that I watched Duck Dynasty last night - just can't get there with it. Sorry - it's dumb!!

that I have not lost any weight in about a month. But I have lost another pant size..I guess inches do count

that my back surgery has been scheduled for May - and no lyin lovelies -
...more on that later

Have a GREAT Thursday - it's ok !!


Wheatie and I have been married almost 39 years.....been together 40!!

Our first date was to a hockey game. Waaaay back then they were a minor league team, called the Fort Worth Wings. The "other" was the Dallas Blackhawks. WE LOVE HOCKEY....and had many dates watching the two teams go at one another.

The Fort Worth Wings


 Fort Worth Fire

and currently
 the Fort Worth Brahmas.

Life got busy, the boys came along, we had our own business, working all the time, lots kid activities and hockey was put on a back burner. Having two boys, meant lots of sporting events to attend and participate in. We introduced the boys to hockey at a young age and attended as many games as we could. Then, as it does, life got busy - AGAIN, school, activities, marriages, work, grandkids....and hockey slid to the side once more.

However a couple of weekends ago we decided we wanted to go and watch the Fort Worth Brahmas again. They have a new rink now and it is quiet a drive, but it is after all HOCKEY !

In steps, Stu Stewart. Stu was a disc jockey on a local radio station we USED to listen too and we we have become good friends. I say USED to because he no longer is on the THAT station and I refuse to listen to them anymore.

We now listen to him here

on Texas Red Hot Radio/internet

Stu, along with many other "gigs" is the announcer for the Brahmas. I gave my good buddy Stu a call and he set me up with some amazing seats.


Stu did an outstanding job on calling the game. Now I am no EXPERT - but believe me I have been to many hockey games in my lifetime. Stu is a natural. He is very good at what he does, and if you have need for A VOICE 4 HIRE...Stu is your man. He can be contacted through facebook, or thru me and I will get you his contact info. Weddings, special occassions, sporting events, voice need a voice.....I got the hook up!!

We both had forgotten how much fun hockey can be. We had seats so close to the ice,
 we froze our tails off!!

The game begins by letting a long time hockey fan do the PUCK DROP (careful when you say that)

We decided to go get a bite to eat in the third period (they were winning) - but it was  a mistake for sure. One of the things I love about hockey are the fights. We missed a "dooooozzzey". Apparently the benches emptied and some pretty hefty pentalities were handed out.
We were only able to see them on the news as sports highlights.
 #@*!#*@&^@* !!