All Balls

All Balls

It's ok.........

that - more day (you don't count today) and I am off for a week of Spring Break and that I get to see and be with at least 2 of my grand angels -
Jaycee and Cody - can't wait!!

that Wheatie and I are hooked on two televison shows "The Following" (Monday nights) and Chicago Fire" (Weds. night) - very unusual that we "must" watch - but these two have our attention.

that I watched Duck Dynasty last night - just can't get there with it. Sorry - it's dumb!!

that I have not lost any weight in about a month. But I have lost another pant size..I guess inches do count

that my back surgery has been scheduled for May - and no lyin lovelies -
...more on that later

Have a GREAT Thursday - it's ok !!

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