All Balls

All Balls

I have done a couple of blog swaps, made some new blog friends and got some great stuff.

If you have never done a blog swap, here is a great time to start! What better way than to do a "fall into fall swap" with these lovlies......CHECK IT OUT !! You will be glad you did.

  1. FIRST AND FOREMOST – I want to thank GOD. Yesterday on my way home, a car blew thru a red light and lovelies I am not kidding when I say she missed me by the hairs on my chinny chin chin. Then she just put her hand out the window and waved. SERIOUSLY !! I had to pull over I was so shaken. And mad. I normally count to 5 before I start up on a green light…especially in a busy intersection..but I didn’t yesterday. I hate people that run red lights. I know GOD laid his hand on the situation. This morning on the way to work, I started thinking about it again (actually it was on my mind all night)and CRIED all the way to work. PEOPLE, LOVELIES, FRIENDS, FAMILY – please, please don’t run redlights!!

  1. I got ANOTHER necklace from one of my favorite bloggers (here ) and ETSY (here) shops with a bible verse included. "So with you:Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one willtake that away from you - your joy." John 16:22.  Pam donates all her profits to charity – so besides the lovely jewelry I get to get, a good thing comes from it! Thanks Pam for another great necklace.
  1. I am really, really am looking forward to fall and some cooler weather. I started putting out/up my fall decorations in hope I could hurry it along. This is my “pumpkin man” that sits at my front door. I add a little sumptin’ spooky for Halloween, but for the most part he is all fall.
  2. This weekend Wheatie and myself are heading to Austin to the TEXAS vs. NEW MEXICO football game and little tailgating. Looking forward to some good times and good friends.
  3. It’s Friday, enough said!

Happy Friday Ya’ll

Its Ok Thursdays
Linking up.....It's O.K.!
....I stayed up late watching the Dallas Cowboys kick some serious a$$
- in the home opener of NFL football
......I made low-fat cheesecake cupcakes and ate 2 (I did say LOW FAT!)
.......that I am so glad it is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday
.....that I am hating this stinking hot weather - come on Fall, already
.....that I put out my fall decorations in hope of making it come faster
...totally stoked at going to the UT vs New Mexico game on Saturday
- tailgating here we come!
..that I am not at all excited about pumpkin spices lattes or anything else at Starbucks
...I want to run a 5K, but my poor old knees keep telling me "HELL NO!" hate my hair...why can't I just be happy with it?? be angry at all the stupid people on the freeways
 - where did you get your liscense??
How's your it O.K.????

I'm loving - that the dog days of summer are coming to an end - these 100degree days are almost over. Forecast for this weekend - rain and cooler temps...bring it on!!

I'm Loving - my furbabies. They are just so cute and make the world right. They are ready for the "dog days" of summer to be over too. They aren't spoiled at all......are they???

I'm loving - that we will be going to Austin this Saturday for FOOTBALL with our UT TEXAS LONGHORNS. Tailgating is such fun and we have the best one!!

I'm loving - It's HUMP DAY already and a four day work week.  

I'm loving - this dress

Glamorosa Skater Dress, Voluptuous Fit
 Magi Sculpt Ruched Panel Dress - Length from 38in (Petite)and this one

Rain boots...Viva La Diva Printed Wellies EEE FitFur Boot TopperBoot Toppers...

Stop..must stop !!

What are you loving today?

A Diamond in the Stuff
Linking up today...

I am by no means a jewelry maker....lover of - but not maker of......NOT AT ALL!  But lately I have had this obessions with necklaces and bracelets. It is almost out of control. I have so many, but everytime I see one - I want it.
Sooooooooooooo I have had these pieces that have just been screaming - DO SOMETHING WITH ME - so I did - at least I tried and here are the fair laughing!!

These are parts of purses and broken necklaces and bracelets.
First I connected the two necklaces with a chain and clasp.
Then I added the piece from the purse.

TA DA.....the end result. Not bad and it actually looks pretty cute.