All Balls

All Balls
Its Ok Thursdays
Linking up.....It's O.K.!
....I stayed up late watching the Dallas Cowboys kick some serious a$$
- in the home opener of NFL football
......I made low-fat cheesecake cupcakes and ate 2 (I did say LOW FAT!)
.......that I am so glad it is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday
.....that I am hating this stinking hot weather - come on Fall, already
.....that I put out my fall decorations in hope of making it come faster
...totally stoked at going to the UT vs New Mexico game on Saturday
- tailgating here we come!
..that I am not at all excited about pumpkin spices lattes or anything else at Starbucks
...I want to run a 5K, but my poor old knees keep telling me "HELL NO!" hate my hair...why can't I just be happy with it?? be angry at all the stupid people on the freeways
 - where did you get your liscense??
How's your it O.K.????


  1. running kills me! part of me wishes i could run, because so many of my friends do it...but i just hurts too much!

    happy thursday!

    xoxo, sarah grace

    1. Thanks. For stopping by! I have decided to at least do a 5K run monthly.....I'll be the slow one for sure!

      XO ~Syl

  2. I hope you got the necklace by now...I am lovin' pumpkin spice lattes. Best thing about fall!

    I did put my owl fall wreath out on the door already - but that is all.

    1. I got it! I got it! Love it and I blogged about it!

  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that hurts when she runs. Last year, during field day, I bounced in a jumpy/bouncy ball and then raced my kids. I literally hurt all over the next day, and kept asking myself, "are you crazy? :-)

    1. I hear ya, a busy outside running around with my grand angels takes me a month to recover!

      XO Syl