All Balls

All Balls

I'm loving - that the dog days of summer are coming to an end - these 100degree days are almost over. Forecast for this weekend - rain and cooler temps...bring it on!!

I'm Loving - my furbabies. They are just so cute and make the world right. They are ready for the "dog days" of summer to be over too. They aren't spoiled at all......are they???

I'm loving - that we will be going to Austin this Saturday for FOOTBALL with our UT TEXAS LONGHORNS. Tailgating is such fun and we have the best one!!

I'm loving - It's HUMP DAY already and a four day work week.  

I'm loving - this dress

Glamorosa Skater Dress, Voluptuous Fit
 Magi Sculpt Ruched Panel Dress - Length from 38in (Petite)and this one

Rain boots...Viva La Diva Printed Wellies EEE FitFur Boot TopperBoot Toppers...

Stop..must stop !!

What are you loving today?

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