All Balls

All Balls

She Made It....

Your college graduation
Fills us with love and pride.
We always knew that you could do
Whatever you really tried.

It's a long and challenging journey
To get a college degree,
But you wouldn't quit it, you just went and did it,
And we're beaming affectionately.

Your achievement is awesome, Robyn;
You've worked hard and you've passed the test.
We love you so, and we want you to know,
We think you're the very best!

My daughter-in-law, Robyn, is graduating from college today. She earned her BA in education. She will make a WONDERFUL teacher, because she is a WONDERFUL daughter - in - law !  She has worked hard being a full time mom, wife and student and made the Dean's List!!
We are so proud of you Robyn ! 
Love and Kisses,
Boo and Pops