All Balls

All Balls
Its Ok Thursdays

Yep - it's Thursday - It's O.K.....

*I have NO idea what BLISSDOM is or why I don't care. I don't write my blog for anyone but me - don't have sponsors, make money, sell anything, and that's OK with me...

*I may lose some blog followers because I don't know what BLISSDOM is.

*I am soooooooooooooo freakin glad tomorrow is FRIDAY.

*Wheatie and I are headed south on Saturday to see my oldest grandson CODY play his first baseball game of the season.

*After Cody's game, we are headed even further south to the coast. A belated birthday gift for Wheatie, staying the rest of the weekend and into Monday.

*We returned to our former church on Sunday and loved it ! We had visited several other churches thinking we needed a new CHURCH home. But we came back, we were home all along, just didn't know it.

*I got my hair cut Tuesday - and altho I said "short", I didn't mean SHORT...

*it will grow.....

*2 months from tomorrow I have my back surgery. Actually it's not OK..but not an option at this point...I am scared to death.

How is your Thursday??

Spring Fever

Spring Break was GREAT.....and I could get use to staying at home and NOT working...retirement is looking really good after last week.

I had 2 of my grand angels, Jaycee and Cody and my oldest, Chad for part of the week.....

Bounce houses

 Long standing family tradition - Ole South Pancake House....
Putt Putt

Go Kart racing

Batting cages


camera fun


Of course, it would not be a visit with Chad without a trip to RAZOOS.....

MMMMM good !!

late night S'Mores

Jaycee turned the big 10 in February and Pops and I still had one gift for her. 10 is a very significant age --- double digits from here on out, leaving the "baby" years but not quiet the "teenager" we wanted to make it very special for her.....

Her first pair of diamond earrings....BEEEEE UUU TTTTTT FUL !!