All Balls

All Balls
Its Ok Thursdays

Yep - it's Thursday - It's O.K.....

*I have NO idea what BLISSDOM is or why I don't care. I don't write my blog for anyone but me - don't have sponsors, make money, sell anything, and that's OK with me...

*I may lose some blog followers because I don't know what BLISSDOM is.

*I am soooooooooooooo freakin glad tomorrow is FRIDAY.

*Wheatie and I are headed south on Saturday to see my oldest grandson CODY play his first baseball game of the season.

*After Cody's game, we are headed even further south to the coast. A belated birthday gift for Wheatie, staying the rest of the weekend and into Monday.

*We returned to our former church on Sunday and loved it ! We had visited several other churches thinking we needed a new CHURCH home. But we came back, we were home all along, just didn't know it.

*I got my hair cut Tuesday - and altho I said "short", I didn't mean SHORT...

*it will grow.....

*2 months from tomorrow I have my back surgery. Actually it's not OK..but not an option at this point...I am scared to death.

How is your Thursday??

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