All Balls

All Balls

A delayed birthday trip...

Wheatie turned the BIG 6-0 earlier in March - and this was a delayed birthday trip. In the next several - probably more like 5 years - we plan on moving farther south in this great state of TEXAS. This past weekend we traveled down to the coast to scope things out..

We traveled on the tollway - let me tell you - you can put the pedal to the metal and MOVE !! 85 freakin mph....

We saw the first signs of spring in Texas - our bluebonnets

Along the way - we timed it just right and got to see grandangelson -
Cody, at his first baseball game of the year.
 I love baseball - big or small - and this was a great game.
 They lost 8-6 - but played with all their might!!

Dad and son - what a great team

These are the coolest - WIND FARMS.....

We stayed at The Lighthouse Inn.....LOVED IT!!!
 Our room opened right onto the bay -

We ate ALOT of good seafood and every place came with a view....

On the way home we made a lunch stop at one of the more famous bar-b-q places in Lockhart,Texas

Smitty' plates, no untensils....the waitress said "Just dig in" we did


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip! The scenery, the food, and getting to see that boy play ball!

  2. What I would give for some bbq right now. Sounds like y'all had a great trip!