All Balls

All Balls
There is a reason I live in Texas. There is a reason I chose not to live in cold winter states....but the last two winters IN TEXAS are proving to wear on my last nerve......

No life in site, for miles and miles and miles

The only pretty side of winter

Last year, we had a span of winter weather and I am talking ICE people, not pretty, let's play in it, snow...I am talking ICE for over 2 weeks that crippled the state. We don't have the trucks, and the plows nor the common sense to adjust. Cold, ok.....rainy, ok.....but this "wintry mix" has got to stop!

Businesses shut down, schools let out early (or don't even start), the stores are jammed packed with people buying enough food to last till the end of time...the MAIL IS NOT EVEN DELIVERED !

Work parking lot - AFTER I get to work

There is a slippery sidewalk under there

This past week, has once again proved to be more than I can it all very pretty - to LOOK at- but not to drive in, not to walk to the mailbox (not knowing there was no mail to GET!) not to even enjoy.

Even my poor dogs can't go out and take care of business without falling - it was the highlight of my day.

Sam and Peanut

The only good thing is that I have cleaned out closets, china cabinets, kitchen drawers (now Wheatie won't be able to find anything) laundry is caught up, DVR'd shows are caught up..

Even Sam was reduced to watching TV

I am ready to hit the beach for some warm sun and fun !!